Armored Fitness Sled Workout - Shoulder Spotlight
For Time 50 dumbbell snatches100m XPO push20 ring dips Thanks to CrossFit coach @quadslikehalie for this workout!!
Armored Fitness Sled Workout - Double Unders and Sled Pushes
For Time 100 Double Unders, 100m XPO Push80 Double Unders, 80m XPO Push 60 Double Unders, 60m XPO Push40 Double Unders, 40m XPO Push20 Double Unders, 20m XPO Push
Armored Fitness Equipment Update - January 2019
Happy New Year from all of us at Armored Fitness Equipment!® 2019 is going to be an exciting year for AFE as we re-introduce our XPO Trainer sometime this spring! Follow along on Instagram or Twitter to be the first to know when our XPO Trainers...
Armored Fitness Equipment Update - December 2018
Want an XPO Trainer for Christmas? The XPO Trainer 1.6 may be the perfect fit for you! Check out our discounted sled here, and treat yo' self for the holidays! If you'd rather wait for the latest production model (scheduled to be ready this spring) send an...
Armored Fitness Sled Workout - Deadlifts & Walking Lunges
Five Rounds For Time 10 Deadlifts40m DB Walking Lunges10 KB Swings40mm XPO Push
Armored Fitness Equipment Update - November 2018
The XPO Sled was built with the intention of using it for training athletes, but not long after our first production back in 2013, we realized what a great tool this would be for physical therapy and rehab. Fast forward 5 years...
The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective - 27 Health & Wellness in Brentwood, TN
In today’s Coach’s Perspective, we’re featuring James Free, Jr., CPT, CFNC, CF-L2, CFM, CFF, USAW – L1. That’s a lot of letters at the end of his name, but that also equals a lot of fitness training, so it’s great...
Armored Fitness Sled Workout - Quick Full Body Workout
5 Rounds for Time 10m Deadlifts40m DB Walking Lunges10 KB swings40m XPO Push
Armored Fitness Sled Workout- 20 Min AMRAP
20 Minute AMRAP 30m XPO Push10 Burpees10 CTB Pull-ups1 min rest between rounds
Armored Fitness Equipment Update - September 2018
September is here, and we are ready for all things fall. 🍁🏈🍂Check out the latest Armored Fitness Equipment news below, and then click on over to Instagram or Twitter to follow along throughout the month!  WARNING: Cute Kid Alert! We've selected our favorite social media posts featuring an XPO Trainer...
Armored Fitness XPO WOD- Buy In/Buy Out
For Time: Buy In: 100 Double Unders4 Rounds:20 KB Swings20 Goblet Squats50m XPO PushBuy Out: 500m Run
Armored Fitness Equipment Update - August 2018
Happy August from all of us at Armored Fitness Equipment®! We hope you have been following along on Instagram or Twitter to see the latest happenings. Before you click over to our social media, take a look at some exciting things going on right now...
Armored Fitness - XPOWOD Quick Workout
Don't have time for a full workout but want to get your sled push on? Check out this under-ten-minute workout for a quick sweat that will get you going for the rest of the day! 5 Rounds for Time: 50M...
The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective- Marc Z Fitness and Nutrition
We're excited for anther installment of our Coach's Perspective series! This time we interviewed Marc Zalmanoff, B.S. of Marc Z Fitness and Nutrition in Carrollton, TX.  Tell us a little about yourself, Marc! I've been a fitness professional since 2003,...
Armored Fitness Equipment Update - July 2018
Howdy from all of us at AFE! We are staying busy shipping out XPO Trainers daily, as well as working on development for our newest product.  Check out the latest news from AFE below! UPHILL DOG WALK WITH THE XPO TRAINER! Need to...
Armored Fitness - XPO WOD: Cleans & Bear Crawls
For Time: 100M XPO Push 30 Power Cleans 20 Bear Crawls 30 Calorie Assault Bike 100M XPO Push
Armored Fitness - XPOWOD: Cardio Killer!
4 ROUNDS FOR TIME: 500m Row 50m XPO Push 100 Double Unders
Armored Fitness - XPOWOD: Long Run
FOR TIME: 2.5 mile Run, then 4 rounds of: 50m XPO Push 50m Farmer's Carry 20 Push-ups
The XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective- CrossFit Centurion in Sacramento, California
For our next installment of our Coach's Perspective series, we're excited to introduce to you Ian and Allison Carver, Owners and Operators of CrossFit Centurion in Sacramento, California! We asked Ian to answer a few questions for us, and love his answers...
Armored Fitness Equipment Update- April 2018
Hi from all of us at Armored Fitness Equipment® ! March was a busy month here at AFE. Our XPO Trainer® continues to sell faster than ever and we are working hard to be ready to introduce our new product this summer. We hope you are following along...