XPO Weight Sled Reviews

Traditional weight sleds are awkward, potentially damaging to move around your gym or driveway, and noisy. Our XPO Trainers are different, whether you've never used a weight sled or have only endured the old-school equipment. If you've ever read our XPO Weight Sled Reviews, you'll know they are celebrated for their full-body results and unique eXPOnential resistance curve. 

Our sleds rely on your full-body strength and natural momentum to challenge your next workout. They work as hard as you do, whether you're a pro athlete or recovering from an injury. Our XPO Trainers also don't need any weights to challenge your workout, but you can add them to increase traction as desired. 

XPO Weight Sled Reviews

Learn more about our sleds on wheels straight from our customers:

XPO Weight Sled Reviews - Armored Fitness"The XPO Trainer (We call her Black Betty) has been a fantastic addition to my personal training toolbox. The metabolic work that my clients get with Black Betty is “Next Level”. Genuinely, one of my favorite tools in the gym. It’s an amazing full-body activity that combines cardiovascular work with Hypertrophy. Personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, you can’t go wrong with the XPO Trainer by Armored Fitness."

"I first heard about this on the Tim Ferris Podcast and gave it a shot. It has totally lived up to the hype. I have used it in all types of CrossFit style workouts, and it is high level. I also use it with my high school basketball team, and the wheels allow us to use it right on the court. Customer service has been super responsive, and it feels as if they genuinely care about the customer. I highly recommend this for the hard-core training community, athletes, and newbies that can go at their own pace. The versatility makes it a home run. I love this company and what they are about."

I can't remember the last time I contacted a company about their product.  Usually, I figure you got my  money that's good enough. But I want you all to know I love this thing. My background is I'm an 48 year old fat guy who started lifting a few years ago to get into better shape. When I was going to gyms, I liked to push the Prowler sleds so when I started building out my home gym I looked around for something like that and came across your product.
I have struggled with hip pain/tightness for the past year or so. I've backed off my squat volume and tried different stretches and mobility drills but I hate them and they didn't do a lot of good. Mainly because I would get tired of them after a week or so and quit. One session of pushing the sled back and forth in front of my house 5 times and the hip pain/tightness is gone. I was getting out of the shower this morning and I noticed myself already starting to flinch in pain stepping over the tub wall but there was no pain or tightness. So thanks for the awesome product. Highly recommended!"

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What Kind of Workout Does an XPO Weight Sled Offer?

XPO Weight Sled Reviews - Armored FitnessSome of our best XPO weight sled reviews focus on the full-body workout our product offers. Despite how straightforward they look, our XPO Trainers offer impressive results and are perfect for home or professional use. They target your hip flexors, calves, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, quads, and more. Unlike other weights sleds, our XPO Trainers are mobile and can easily transport to the park, a boot camp, beach, or your favorite place to work out. 

Professional coaches and athletes love our sleds, but many clinics and rehabilitation centers also use them for their patients. XPO Trainers work with your natural momentum and resistance for a safe workout that aligns with your current fitness level. The harder you push, the harder it is to move your sled.

Ready to Try an XPO Trainer?

Our XPO weight sled reviews all touch on similar themes of ease of use, impressive results, and ability to scale with your physical ability. Ready to try one for yourself and see how it improves your endurance and strength? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.