At-Home Workouts with the XPO Trainer

Every day we are faced with the decision to either go to the gym or not. The more time we have, of course, the better our chances will be that we'll actually make it there. But what about those days when you just can't find enough hours in your day? That's where at-home workouts come into play!

The XPO Trainer is a top-selling at-home workout machine that can be done in your driveway, the street by your home, or on the grass. The XPO Trainer can enhance a multitude of at-home workouts without breaking the bank.

Here are the top three ways we, and our customers, incorporate the XPO Trainer into a workout routine.

#1 High Interval Intensity Training (HIIT) - XPO Trainer Only

It is well known that HIIT is one of the best ways to burn fat for a longer period of time. Utilizing the XPO Trainer as the ONLY piece of equipment in this workout, here is a simple way to get an amazing sled workout done in 30 minutes.

5 Min warm-up stretching and light jogging.

20 mins of HIIT workout with the XPO Trainer: 50 Meter hard sled push with the XPO Trainer, 50 Meter Walking Back, 30-second rest.

5 Min cool-down stretching

This workout will give you a HUGE shift in your cardio, building explosive power, and your whole body being worked hard!

#2 Using the XPO Trainer as a Training Add-On

Another great way to use the XPO Trainer for your at-home workout is by incorporating our sled into your existing workouts.

Many people are using the XPO Trainer as a set-finisher, meaning when you are done with a particular set of exercises, you hit the XPO Trainer to get an extra burn!

For example, one of our customers will do his 3 sets of 10 on the bench press, hit the XPO Trainer for a sled push 50 meters down the road and 50 meters back, and then start his next exercise.

After each set of the workouts, he does 100 meters total to add to the workout. This creates a more dynamic approach to a workout and keeps your rest time minimal and focuses on "active" rest.

#3 Buddy Relay Workouts with Friends or Family

Trying to incorporate your friends and family into a workout?

The XPO Trainer is an amazing option to have some fun and get fit!

This works best if you have four people, but two or more will work fine!

With four people, have two people each standing 50 meters apart. The first person will go, pushing the XPO Trainer to the other group of people. Then, one of them jumps in and pushes the sled all the way back.

Switchback and forth and do 10 rounds total so everyone gets a great and effective workout.

If you only have two people. Push it 50 meters and turn around pushing it back. Then, hand it off to your partner and wait for them to return.

This has many benefits related to teamwork, joint fitness, and HIIT being incorporated into it. And, you’ll all be sweaty together and quickly realize that when we workout with an XPO Trainer, we always say “it should never be easy!”

These are just a few ways you can use the XPO Trainer as your next at-home workout. If you need an affordable payment plan, we now have that available through ShopPay.