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Necessity is the mother of invention ~

In 2011 in the back alley of our Crossfit gym in Dallas, Texas, amid horrible screeching sounds from steel skid plates grinding concrete to a fine powder, an idea was formed.  Our traditional power sled, commonly known as a Prowler, was about to be forced into retirement.

The landlord had shut us down, the other tenants in the shopping center despised us, and the neighboring apartment complex cursed us.  The sled workouts we had grown to love were over... or so we thought.

Frustrated, I mumbled under my breath that we needed a sled on wheels.  Three days later, the genius of Bill Strahan was made apparent. Our first prototype had been assembled.  The XPO Sled® was born.

Before too long, we had a small fleet of XPO sleds for our own personal use and they were loved (actually hated, but in a “these suck” kind of way) by our athletes.  Knowing we had our hands on something special, Armored Fitness Equipment® was formed, with the XPO Sled as our flagship product.  After selling out quickly and a few years of production challenges, we've made improvements to the original design and re-branded the XPO Trainer®.

The days of loading and unloading weights to meet the needs of different athletes on loud, cumbersome sleds is over.  The XPO Trainer is a game changer.

Armored Fitness Equipment was formed in 2012, by a small group of CrossFit athletes and gym owners to provide unique equipment to the strength and conditioning community. Our commitment is to build and sell only what we use in our own workouts.

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For all support needs, please contact fitnessgeardoc@icloud.com or call (469)547-7533.