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Please Read: As we close our doors after 12 years, it is critical to us that our valued customers are taken care of. We have contracted a third party fitness support company to handle all support questions, warranty issues, and replacement parts purchases.

For all support needs, please contact or call (469)547-7533.


Need help? We've got you covered.  We highly recommend that you watch all videos on this page, and review the full Owner's Manual prior to assembly, maintenance or use of your XPO Trainer. Keep scrolling down the page for important videos!

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Download the XPO Trainer 2 Owner's Manual, the XPO Trainer Owner's Manual or the original XPO Sled Owner's Manual.

XPO Trainer 2 Assembly:

This is the newest and current model. Serial numbers H18-13200001 through H18-13200274 will include replacement nuts, as shown in the video below.

Aligning the Front Wheel - XPO 2 Only:

To align the front wheel on older XPO Trainer models, scroll down to the Replacing the Front Wheel video.

Tire Maintenance (XPO Trainer):

Replacing the Front Wheel (Original XPO Trainer):

Aligning the front wheel starts at 4:18. Tensioning the chain starts at 5:16

Replacing the Front Wheel (XPO Trainer 2):

Replacing the Tube on the Front Wheel:

Front Wheel Alignment:

Replacing the Chain (XPO Trainer 2):

General Use:

Older Model Videos

XPO Trainer 1.6 videos can be found here.

Includes serial numbers 1501-1599

XPO Trainer Assembly:

Includes serial numbers 1101-1400

Original XPO Sled Assembly:

Includes serial numbers 1001-1100

Original XPO Sled Pulling Attachment:

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For all support needs, please contact or call (469)547-7533.