New Year, Fitter You: How to Set and Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2022

You’ve binged on fudge, had a little too much eggnog, and cut down on those early morning workouts, but now that the holidays are over, you’re feeling sluggish, dissatisfied with all the extra pounds, and pretty discouraged at the thought of getting back in the game. Yep. We’ve all been there. 

Weekend breaks or vacays are one thing, but extended leaves of absence from the gym can set you back months in terms of physical fitness. So, the question is, what can you do to get back on track?

Step one: Pause before you start. Rather than telling yourself that you’ll workout for hours on end until you get the results you want (which will only lead to burn out), take time to set goals that are both challenging and realistic for you. If you don’t know where to begin, this blog is for you. We’ve come up with a list of goals that everyone, no matter their fitness level, should seek to achieve in 2022. Let’s go!

Innovate. Heading back to the gym can be a bit of a nightmare, especially in January when the saying, “New year, new me,” takes on a whole new meaning. Not only is there a line to use your favorite machine, but everyone around you is convinced that running is the only way to shed that Christmas cookie weight.

Don’t take the bait. Jumping on that bandwagon may be easy, but so will jumping off come February if you do. Instead of exercising excessively, challenge your body by trying something new. Like HIIT routines! These involve a combination of weights and cardio broken up into short circuits. Not only will these make your workouts more fun and fast-paced, but they’ll leave you feeling like a boss. And, since HIIT requires compound movements, you are sure to build muscle in places you never have before. Of course you can do a HIIT workout without any equipment, but what fun is that? An XPO Trainer is sure to get that heart rate up. Push it faster and the intensity will skyrocket! The XPO Trainer and HIIT definitely go hand-in-hand. Who knows? 2022 might be your fittest year yet.

Recruit a workout buddy. Like we said before, everyone has found themselves a little post-holiday flabby at some point in time, which means that there’s bound to be a friend or coworker who’d love to workout with you! Well, maybe not “love,” but you get what we mean. Having someone to train with is a great way to stay motivated and accountable to your goals. If someone is planning to meet you for a workout, you’ll be less likely to flake out on those days when you “just don’t wanna.” Not to mention, since it’s always harder to gauge progress in ourselves, a buddy will help you realize your growth and maybe even push you to keep up with theirs. And as a bonus, partner XPO pushes are FUN!

Workout from home. Since COVID, working out from home has become a new norm, and in 2022, that’s unlikely to change. Yes, you’ll see more people at the gym, but the vast majority will adopt hybrid routines, working out some days from home and others at the gym, with still others opting for at-home workouts altogether. For someone looking to level up, at-home workouts are super beneficial. Why? Because virtual workouts help you mix things up, breaking your body out of the typical gym routine and forcing it to adjust to alternative types of fitness. What’s more, training without a gym will show you that you really can workout from anywhere, anytime. If you're looking to level up your home gym equipment, our XPO Trainer is a great tool! It's silent, easily transportable and your whole family can use it without changing any weights! It's a game changer for any at-home gym!

Get in your steps. Our bodies were not built to be sedentary. In fact, sitting down all day is one of the easiest ways to prevent weight loss and ultimately fall short of your fitness goals. Walking, although given a bad rep for its low intensity, is extremely effective when it comes to burning fat, loosening joints, and keeping both your heart and lungs accustomed to higher intensity workouts. Walking is a major calorie burner, perfect for those of us trying to get leaner faster. An hour a day is sufficient for most, but buying a step-tracking device is the best way to determine the right step count for you—and to meet it each day. And if you want to add an extra challenge, get some of those steps in pushing an XPO Trainer!

Be consistent. Just as being inconsistent in your training will set you back, being consistent will propel you forward. Make a schedule, and stick to it. If at the beginning you overestimate your capacity, modify as needed, but the point is to show up and put in the same amount of effort each week. Remember: Once concentrated, intentional exercise becomes a habit, you’ll no longer have to choose whether to do it, it’ll be a way of life once again (and we sure do love the XPO way of life!).

So, what do you think, ready to get moving? We think so. Make a plan, and tell everyone you know about your fitness goals. Heck, put it on the calendar, and set alarms in your phone! Do whatever you have to do, but don’t wait. Improvement starts today, one goal at a time. New year, fitter you, right?