Push Sled with Wheels Helps Clients "Train to Never be the Same"

It's been a busy summer! Anyone else ready for the routine that fall brings?! Earlier this summer, we visited with Fitness and Athletic Development Coach Steven Wesley, NASM PT of New Level Sports Performance, in Weston, Florida. Steven has been around fitness and athletics since his early childhood years through organized sports. He went on to earn a full football scholarship to the University of Miami Hurricanes and, after college, had the chance to play professionally. 

After his pro career was cut short due to knee injuries, Steven used his passion for fitness to help others as a personal trainer. He has been a trainer for five years and opened up his garage gym a year ago. 

Steven spends his days helping clients lose weight, correct imbalances of the body, and develop better athletic mechanics. He offers personal training, fitness consulting, and sports performance training and has coached many college athletes. Keep reading to see how the XPO is put to use at New Level Sports Performance...

-Why did you purchase XPO Trainer(s) for your gym? 

Being a former football athlete, I'm used to having sleds in my training programs. So when I became a trainer, I was on the hunt for a quality sled with some versatility (a push sled with wheels definitely offers versatility!). The first time I pushed the XPO, I was highly surprised at the resistance. It was challenging and increased the harder I pushed. I knew then it was a keeper.

-What benefits do you see when you or your clients add sled training to a workout routine?

I've definitely seen benefits in my fitness clients' overall strength endurance and athletes' linear acceleration. It's a great piece of equipment for all fitness levels and athletic abilities. 

-What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you've used?

I love the XPO Trainer because it allows me to be more creative with clients through its built-in resistance and the wheels allowing for all types of surfaces. My clients of all ages are surprised when they push it for the first time without any weight and realize it's built tough!

We love seeing Coach Wesley implementing the XPO Trainer as he challenges his clients, both young and old, with the latest training methods. With the help of our push sled with wheels, he's helping clients "Train to never be the same!"

You can see the XPO push sled with wheels in action on Coach Wesley's Instagram or Facebook page!