The XPO Trainer - A Functional and Fun Push Sled for Outdoor HIIT Workouts

Meet Darcy Auguste. He’s the ultra passionate and ultra fit coach of Pack to the Max (also known as The Pack NYC), an outdoor, group HIIT workout class located in Long Island City, New York. An avid social media user, Darcy shares tips from his 15 years of training experience on the regular, promoting nutrition, workouts, and favorite equipment to followers—the XPO Trainer being one of them. Last week, we got Darcy to tell us more about the XPO Trainer and how it has impacted his class.

When and why did you purchase the XPO Trainer?

I started using the XPO Trainer six months ago when I took over the Pack. I came on with the purpose of growing the class, so I was looking to buy more equipment, ya know, different equipment that we could use outdoors. When I found the XPO Trainer online, I knew it would be great for multiple things and a good addition to the skierg, assault bike, and rower used in my classes.

What are the fitness goals of the clients who attend your class, and how does the XPO Trainer play a role in all of that?

The class is for clients of all backgrounds and levels. They’re showing up for a high intensity workout that will ultimately get them in shape and make them feel good—simple as that. The XPO Trainer is a great piece of equipment because it actually works on your hamstrings and calves. It’s really a power thing. If you’re trying to lose weight, you want to exert a lot of energy, and the XPO Trainer does that. It’s a good way to switch clients from a purely conditioning exercise to one where they are strength training but still mobile. That way they don’t lose momentum.

How is the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you’ve used?

The difference is the wheels and motor for sure. Other trainers just don’t move laterally, and that really limits the type of workouts you can do and where you can do them. We work out in this park, right? It’s this huge oval. The inside is turf, and the outside is concrete. Other sleds can’t go on the concrete. Another part is the resistance in the gear. The gear makes the workout more challenging when you add more weight. The XPO Trainer is just a good alternative for people looking to do more.

How often do you include the XPO Trainer in your workouts?

We use it every Saturday. We just used it the other day actually. I got on top of it and had people push me. They loved it. We have a lot of fun with it. It makes it easy to get everyone involved as a team which is what the class is all about, improving together.

What is the most memorable workout you’ve done with the XPO Trainer?

Other than that workout we did last week, I’d say anytime I tie a Battle Rope to it and have one person stand on it while the other person pulls. That’s always a hit!

Anything else you want to add?

Yeah, if you’re a trainer or coach, check this out! The XPO Trainer is functional and fun, and that’s hard to find.