XPO Trainer Elevates Strength and Conditioning Workouts for Professional Athletes

The XPO Trainer is the most revolutionary way to get in shape, and it’s perfect for professional athletes! Even if you work out regularly, you can make workouts more difficult by simply using an XPO Trainer.

Here's what to know before trying the XPO Trainer out during your next conditioning session

Traditional ski sleds are often difficult to transport as well as move around the training area. These sleds are typically limited to the types of surfaces you can use them on due to the damage that can occur.

The XPO Trainer is a wheeled sled that causes relatively less friction on the surface it is on. This makes it great for being used on tracks, hardwood floors, concrete, or turf. It also makes it quicker to push and more effective than the non-wheeled sled.

Our sleds are made up of small motors that will automatically increase the resistance levels as you train with more explosive power. This means the days of you dragging hundreds of pounds of plates to the field are gone. Serious athletes can now add the XPO Trainer to their routine and have a huge advantage over their competition. You only need to add weight plates to the XPO Trainer to keep the rear wheels planted on the ground. That is how simple this amazing machine is.

Sled training is a great way to improve explosiveness

Increasing the resistance while you are working out is a pivotal way to increase your explosiveness. As an athlete, explosive power is required in nearly every sport. When you're pushing harder and faster during your workouts, with consistent increases in resistance, you are using many major muscle groups.

You use your chest, calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes to push the sled. These combined muscle groups being worked are exactly what you need in order for you to create the explosiveness you need! Plus, when you combine your standard weight training with sled exercises, this will increase your strength and explosive energy at the same time. All the reasons for using a sled in your workout routine provide an easy and effective boost on any athlete's workout regimen.

Athletes Can Use the XPO Trainer for Physical Therapy and Recovery

The XPO Trainer provides a very low rolling resistance at slow speeds with an automatically increased resistance that will provide users with a chance to recover equilibrium safely. For any trainer, physical therapist, or individual working in rehab after injury the same exponential resistance curve offers a safe way to work in natural moves that are adjusted to the needs of the user.

Instead of pushing against the wall and pushing against a conventional sled that quickly slides away and results in further injuries, the trainers can provide a useful and extremely helpful tool that adjusts to the speed of the user.

You want to perform at the highest levels, you also need to ensure that you are taking care of yourself when it comes time to rehab your body. Recovery sessions need to focus on bringing the body back to full strength.

Athletes in Action with the XPO Trainer

NFL Linebacker Craig Robertson is no stranger to explosive strength. Having spent years preparing for the NFL and working hard on his career, he knows the importance of training hard, staying above the competition, and working to stay in the best shape for weekly NFL games. Using the XPO Trainer in his early morning workouts, you can see how fast he explodes with the XPO Trainer in his routine.

Even young student-athletes are using the XPO Trainer to prepare for their next competitions. Coaches at high schools and colleges are always looking for simple and effective training tools to build up their players and their physical fitness levels.

It doesn't matter if you are a high school coach wanting to improve your young athletes' physical fitness levels or are in a professional level sport, the XPO Trainer is a completely versatile machine that you can add to your arsenal.