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THE XPO Trainer from a Coach's Perspective - The Real Fit Boss

When we saw this post, we knew we were going to love The Fit Boss! I mean, how great is this?! Coach Elmer Bench added an XPO Trainer to his personal training toolbox, and it's been rolling down the road in Manning, South Carolina, from the day it arrived! The Fit Boss and his clients have become such fans, they have lovingly nicknamed their XPO "Black Betty."

Why did you purchase XPO Trainer(s) for your gym?

I bought the XPO because I really like to keep my clients interested with new and innovative tools as their trainer. I've actually been looking at a piece such as the XPO for a while. Admittedly, I'd heard of the Torque Tank first, but I didn't like the size of it for my female clients. It was a tad pricey, so I felt like the XPO was a more efficient buy for the space and for the clientele. 

What benefits do you see when you or your clients add sled training to a workout routine?

The XPO has been the talk of the town as folks see me pushing my clients all over town enjoying the fresh air and the vitamin D. I like the low impact work it provides. I use it as a warm-up/prelude to a session, also as a conditioning finisher, or simply just a full-body workout. I love the way it taxes the entire body and pushes the metabolic rate of my clients. It's not simply a "cardio" piece. It's a conditioning piece that I am finding not only improves cardiovascular performance but has proven to build muscle at the same time - a great piece of strength and conditioning equipment.

The metabolic work that my clients get with Black Betty is "Next Level." Genuinely, one of my favorite tools in the gym. It's an amazing full-body activity that combines cardiovascular work with hypertrophy.

What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you've used?

I have a couple of wheel-less sleds, and they are fine for using on a turf surface, but the XPO allows me to go outside into the fresh air and put in actual miles. A typical full session with the XPO will allow me to put in 2-3 miles with a client.

What is one of your most memorable workouts using the XPO Trainer?

I have loaded up to 135 pounds worth of plates on the XPO. I also like to add a weighted vest to my clients as they push. The most memorable workout to date was when my best friend (Joel Rackley) and I took it out for a 3-mile push. We took dumbbells with us. While one of us pushed the XPO, the other did dumbbell work. We also did 25 air squats after each exchange. We are planning to do a 10-mile sled push the XPO and film it for YouTube. We will probably add the DEMERBOX for music (we love this idea...taking that extra motivation on the road with the XPO)!

We have loved seeing all of The Real Fit Boss' clients working up a sweat as the push their way through town! Go give them a follow to watch Black Betty in action!