Trainer “Illuminati Iron” Talks Viral Video, All Things Fitness, and His Love for the XPO Trainer

Meet Illuminati Iron, a military veteran, full-time personal trainer, content creator, and gym owner whose passion is helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

A few months ago, millions learned Illuminati’s name after one of his videos (of him rupturing both distal bicep tendons) went viral. Now, with the world watching, Illuminati is determined to make an “epic” comeback, showing people that his all-in, “leave the excuses at the door” philosophy is really a way of life, one he embraces every day in and outside of the gym. Last week, in an interview with our team, Illuminati discussed all of this and more, including his love for our XPO Trainer. Check it out below:

You’re a man of many roles and talents. Can you tell us a little more about those and why you do what you do?

At the top of that list is personal trainer and content creator, and getting to be those every day fires me up! Inspiring as many people as I can to lead healthier and happier lives is exactly what I want to do, and the whole process (preparing workouts, planning content, filming, editing, telling stories) brings me a lot of joy, and so does improving my skills. When I'm not training clients in-person or through online programming, moving my own body and pushing myself fulfills me and gives me purpose.

Where do you train both personally and professionally?

I train clients predominantly in my gym! I myself train anywhere and everywhere. Whether I'm doing #VanLife and working out in national parks, hiking in the mountains, rollerblading along the beach, or training in my garage gym, I love to move my body and perform the activities that make me happy and contribute to my overall health.

What type of training do you provide, and what kind of clients benefit from it?

There is no "one way" in fitness. Healthy and controlled movement of all intensities holds value! My approach is hybrid-style: a challenging mix between strength, endurance, and cardio. I utilize every piece of the equipment in my gym to help others get stronger, move better, and feel better! My clientele is diverse, from all backgrounds, experience levels, and body types, and each one comes with unique goals and obstacles. What they share is a willingness to work, maintain transparency, and leave every excuse at the door. 

Your viral video—can you tell us more about that and how it has impacted your life and business?

49 million people (thus far) have seen the video. I wish the injury never happened, but I'm giving my absolute all to lead others to push through their own difficulties. The video brought a ton of great people to our account, and the team keeps growing, so I'm extremely grateful. I'm now 6 months post-op, and my body is feeling great! I'm doing the best I can and strictly following all protocol as the comeback continues! Epic comebacks require epic levels of execution, and that’s what I’m all about.

You have some great pieces of equipment in your gym. Why is the XPO Trainer one of them?

The XPO Trainer is a fantastic way to get in an intense strength-building, cardio, and endurance workout all at once. As a result, people are challenged both physically and mentally which is always the goal. The full body gets worked, and one must focus on adequate oxygen intake—an important skill to master. After using the sled for a few sessions, I instantly saw performance benefits both in the gym and with my running/skating, so I thought, “Why not use this to help my clients reap the same?” The more you put into the sled, the more the sled gives back.

Why do you use the XPO Trainer over other sleds?

I always consider price and ROI when purchasing equipment. There are tons of sleds on the market, and the XPO Trainer comes in at a great price! It also brings VALUE, and considering how amazing that value is, Armored Fitness’s price is beyond fair. Not to mention, the XPO Trainer is well-built and of awesome quality! Easy to assemble and simple to use, it’s extremely effective and allows all participants to get something out of it.

What do your clients say about the XPO Trainer?

My clients love using it, but like myself, hate how difficult it is. They always appreciate the "surprise" when I bring it out during a session. Whether we're slowly pushing it or doing sprints, they know it's time to focus and get to work. People never think the sled will be that difficult when they first see it, but they learn quick! The harder they push, the better they get, so together we PUSH HARDER each and every time, and the results speak for themselves.

It’s not a leap to call you an influencer now. What would you say sets you apart as one in the world of fitness?

My personality, passion, and ability to unapologetically be myself is definitely unique. From the beginning, I committed myself to be completely transparent and authentic with followers through the highs and lows of life. I work really hard and truly believe that consistency and momentum are powerful. And with that mindset, I simply document my journey, and others get to be a part of it and start theirs! My hope is always that my story and example motivates them to KEEP GOING and get closer to their true potential.

Where can people find you online?

You can find @illuminatiiron on Instagram and TikTok! If you’re interested in fitness programs and merchandise, visit my website: These programs are for people of all experience levels and body types. I'm fully committed to my clients and their goals, so if you’re ready to make a change, let’s go!