A Beginner's Guide To Training With A Sled

Training with a sled is an excellent way to increase your strength and endurance, as well as improve your balance and coordination. All you need is a little space and some time-and an XPO Trainer! This article will teach you how to master the basics of this surprisingly versatile training tool.

Tip #1:   Proper Technique Is Key

To get the most out of your sled workouts, it's important to set them up properly. Here are some guidelines for getting started:
- Position the sled a few feet away from you.
- Stand tall and place your feet shoulder-width apart.
- With your arms bent at the elbows, grasp the XPO Trainer's handle with both hands, palms facing inward.
- Engage your core muscles and tighten your glutes.
- Push off the ground with one foot, stepping forward into a stride.
- Continue pushing for at least 25 yards to get a good warm-up and stretch

Tip #2: Increase Your Resistance To Build Strength

To increase resistance during your next workout, simply push harder. The biggest advantage of the XPO Trainer is that it does not require any weight plates to be applied in order to add resistance.
The motor provides exponential resistance that adds increased resistance when you are pushing harder and reduces the resistance when you slow down.
You may notice that when you start off, you get a pretty quick reality check of how great this matching truly is. You may start off sprinting and pushing the XPO Trainer hard, but it will wear you out quickly!
However, when you continue training with it, you will get stronger and soon you will be pushing harder and getting even more resistance. Plus, you will create more endurance and be able to push harder for longer distances.

Tip #3: Vary Your Distance To Improve Endurance

As you continue to train with your sled, slowly increase your distance by adding a little more time and steps each workout. The XPO Trainer's advanced motor will keep building on-resistance for you, so as you push a little further each time, your endurance will increase.

Going farther means that it will take longer to do your workout and that's a good thing! This endurance will help you more easily tackle everyday tasks like climbing stairs, running errands, and picking up your kids at school!
As you get better at sled pushing, a great way to improve endurance and cardiovascular system is by running with a sled for longer periods of time. We recommend that you split up your workouts with walking as well as HIIT Workouts.

Tip #4: Use the XPO Trainer For A Full-Body Workout

Another great attribute of the XPO Trainer is that it can be used for a full-body workout. This makes your training time more efficient and productive. You can do a lot with very little equipment!
Some great exercises to try while using the XPO Trainer in your routine are the pushup, bicep curl, triceps extension, wood chop, split squat jumps, hamstring curl, Russian twist, hip abduction and adduction, and the rear lateral raise.
Between each of these workouts, push the XPO Trainer and get a great workout that encompasses your whole body.

Tip #5: Take Your Training To The Next Level By Splitting Up Your Sled Workouts

One of the best ways to improve your workouts is by increasing your speed or power output during certain exercises. That's why we recommend working on your speed through sprint training. For example, you can sprint 50 yards with the XPO Trainer at 80% of your maximum speed and then rest for 4-5 minutes before pushing it again at 90%.

These are just five simple tips that you can implement as a beginner. If you have not purchased the XPO Trainer and would like a way to spread out the cost over several months check out our newest payment options available to our customers. Get your XPO Trainer and let's see your pictures on our Instagram with you in action.