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  • Versatile

    Use it at home, the gym, or for your own fitness center.

  • Better Results

    Increased resistance as you increase your speed.

  • Adaptable

    From Rehab to fitness to competition.

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Multi-Purpose and All Surface!

The XPO Trainer® is not only the very first exercise sled on wheels but a training device so versatile that it serves multiple purposes:

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XPO Trainer Features

Nearly silent operation.
Removable handles for easy transport, portability, and storage.
Safe for use on almost any surface, even indoors.
Suitable for any level from rehab to training elite athletes.
The only trainer or sled ever made that gets eXPOnentially harder to push the faster you go.

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Smooth Rolling and eXPOnential Power

In all cases, there are no skidding plates of steel - just a nice, quiet, smooth rolling sled, with resistance that builds exponentially! The harder and faster you push, the more it resists.

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Free Armored Fitness Backpack, T-Shirt, & Shaker Cup

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