Can I Use a Fitness Weight Sled With Wheels After an Injury?

If you've ever seen a push sled stacked with weights and sitting on a field, you'll know they can look intimidating and are the last thing you want to do while recovering from an injury. They seem to require the brute force of a pro athlete to move. Now that there are more options for a fitness weight sled with wheels on the market, you have the opportunity to try something new. Yet does that mean they're okay for an injury or rehab?

Do I Have to Use Weights?

No, you can skip the weights altogether and still get in a powerful workout that adapts to your fitness level. Unlike traditional weight sleds, our XPO Trainers do not use weights to make the exercise more challenging. Instead, you can add weights to our trainer to provide more traction to the surface you're using. Whether you're on grass or your clinic's flooring, the wheels glide easily on almost all surfaces. 

Is a Fitness Weight Sled With Wheels Safe?

Yes! Our XPO Trainers are created with an eXPOnentional resistance curve. You can gently move the sled with your finger, or you can push harder to get in a challenging workout. The more momentum you use, the more you uplevel your activity. Hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and people recovering from injuries use our fitness sled with wheels.

The unique resistance curve makes our XPO Trainers safe for someone with an injury or in rehabilitation and challenging for a seasoned athlete. The sled stops and stays put when you stop pushing it, giving you time to correct yourself and find your footing. You won't lose your balance with a sled that slips away and there's no risk of having to chase a runaway sled.

Some of our customers are recovering from spinal injuries and issues and can still use our XPO Trainers to get in some exercise and increase their strength. Our fitness weight sled with wheels is also versatile. You can use it safely if you have an injury while your family incorporates it into an effective workout. 

Fitness Weight Sled With Wheels Reviews

Learn more about our fitness weight sled with wheels directly from our customers.

"The XPO Trainer is a beautiful machine. I am handicapped with spinal issues that affect the movement (or lack of) of my legs. I have trouble walking, and walking is good for your back. The XPO Trainer is easy to use. You do not need to add weights to give more resistance. The harder you push, the harder it pushes back at you. So for people like me, it is simple to use. I highly recommend the XPO Trainer for anyone who has trouble walking. It has really worked for me." - John Mayerson 

"The height and placement of the poles are conducive for anyone that doesn't have the physical ability to exercise," says Dr. Strell. "From those with sports injuries to patients with neurological diagnoses, the XPO Trainer® gives a cardiovascular, low-impact workout while giving support and stability. The XPO push sled is not just for the CrossFit athlete, but for anyone that has a physical limitation of any kind." - Dr. Strell

Fitness Weight Sled With Wheels

Ready to Try an XPO Trainer?

A fitness weight sled with wheels adapts to your fitness level. Use it while you recover during rehabilitation and scale up as you regain strength. Make sure you speak to your therapist or medical professional before getting started with our XPO Trainers. Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.