Using the XPO Trainer 2 for Physical Rehab

Take a quick look at how NeuroFit 360 uses the XPO Trainer® for rehab and physical therapy.

When we first developed the XPO Trainer® over a decade ago, we intended it for athletes, gym owners, personal trainers, and coaches who wanted to crush their fitness goals. Our clients saw incredible gains in their fitness levels, but we quickly realized our XPO Trainers® could benefit physical therapists and rehabilitation centers. Today, therapists worldwide use our XPO Trainer® as a game-changing tool for people recovering from strokes, physical rehab, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord trauma, and other significant injuries.  


The Physical Therapy department at Texas Woman's University's T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences is conducting a study on the use of the XPO Trainer® for rehab and recovery, specifically with patients recovering from a stroke. Our team recently checked-out one of the trials and learned why professors and researchers there believe the XPO Trainer® is one of the best tools used for physical therapy. We’ll share the results on our blog when this exciting study should wrap up soon.

Strong Enough for Athletes, Safe Enough for Physical Rehab

Unlike traditional push sleds, the XPO Trainer® is generally safe for use, even if you're disabled. If a traditional sled begins sliding and you trip and fall, you may quickly lose your footing and center of gravity. If you're already injured or disabled, you risk losing control at any time, even if you're moving slowly.

The XPO Trainer® leverages a resistance curve to keep you safe while challenging your next workout. As the sled rolls and you fall into it to accelerate forward, it doesn't go very fast and becomes challenging to propel forward. To quickly push the sled, you need to increase your energy, momentum, and speed exponentially. Just doubling the speed requires four times more power and makes it easy to recover if you stumble. The XPO Trainer® makes it easy to recover quickly and find your center of gravity.

Used by Doctors and Physical Therapists 

After using the XPO for a few months for his at-home workouts, Dr. Strell knew it would also be the perfect tool for his sports medicine and physical therapy practice. "The height and placement of the poles are conducive for anyone that doesn't have the physical ability to exercise," says Dr. Strell. "From those with sports injuries to patients with neurological diagnoses, the XPO Trainer® gives a cardiovascular, low-impact workout while giving support and stability. The XPO push sled is not just for the CrossFit athlete, but for anyone that has a physical limitation of any kind."

The team at Armored Fitness are also humbled and inspired to see so many incredible patients push through their recovery with the help of an XPO Trainer®. Here’s how NeuroFit 360, a neurological injury recovery and wellness center in Pembroke Pines, Florida, is using the XPO Trainer® for rehab and physical therapy.

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