Using the XPO Trainer 2 in Physical Therapy

The XPO Trainer® is the first of its kind in training devices to pair the traditional exercise sled with wheels allowing for a more versatile experience. 

XPO Trainer® provides control and stability for Physical Therapy

The XPO Trainer® was originally crafted for athletes who were trying to work on their strength training in a way that also provided aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Once more people started using the sled, the realization came that not only would it be useful for those looking to improve their fitness but also for those going through rehabilitation and physical therapy. The XPO trainer® only moves at the speed that it’s being pushed which makes it much more stable for those who are injured or disabled. Traditional sleds would shoot away from the person, but not the XPO Trainer®. It allows maximum control so that even if the user was to trip or fall, the sled provides an opportunity for correction and recovery. 

Even if you aren’t injured or disabled, there is power in using equipment that is meant to stabilize you while you’re exerting your maximal effort.  

The newly designed XPO Trainer® features:

  • Nearly silent operation.
  • Removable handles for easy transport, portability, and storage.
  • Safe for use on almost any surface, even indoors.
  • Suitable for any level from rehab to training elite athletes.
  • The only trainer or sled ever made that gets eXPOnentially harder to push the faster you go.

Hear it from the doctors, physical therapy patients, and coaches who are using the XPO Trainer®

"There is no coast on this sled. Every foot was a grind!" -James Free of Two-Seven Health and Wellness

“The XPO Trainer is easy to use. You do not need to add weights to give more resistance. The harder you push, the harder it pushes back at you. So for people like me it is simple to use. But the best is that I can use it. The XPO Trainer is very stable, so it gives me the support I need to be able to walk for exercise.” -John Myerson, Wellesley, MA

"I was excited to finally find a sled that had everything on my list - quiet, easy to transport and store, and versatile for anyone to use. I love that my younger daughter can push it, my parents can push it, and my college son and his friends can push it. And they all get an amazing workout without having to change a single thing." -Dr. Robert Strell

See for yourself how the XPO trainer® can change your workout routine!