Armored Fitness XPO Trainer Review By Highland Games Athlete Derek Wilcox

Derek Wilcox of Power Rack Strength recently shared thoughts on our XPO Trainer in his latest Strong(ish) Garagebell Chronicles video. Derek has been a Highland Games Athlete since 2009 and has an impressive list of strength accomplishments. He takes the XPO Trainer out on a ramp, and talks about the difference in going uphill vs. downhill using our sled. Here are a few things he said about the XPO Trainer:

“It is a really interesting piece of equipment because instead of just adding weight to this…the resistance is from an electric motor wired backwards. So you are actually generating energy and that motor is soaking it up.”

“The faster you turn that wheel the more resistance it gives.”

“Absolutely kills all the momentum that you have!”

“If it gives this much resistance going downhill with me having to push it downhill, just imagine what it feels like going uphill. It was absolutely horrible. Calves were burning, my everything was burning. It would be a shorter list to name the things that weren’t hurting when I was doing this.”

“All I have on there is a 45 pound plate…the sled doesn’t tip over because that front wheel is slowing down.” 

“I pushed downhill and it was actually a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.”

Check out Derek's YouTube video here:

You can follow Derek and the Power Rack Strength Team on the PRS website and social media for more great videos and articles on strength training. Thanks, Derek, for using our XPO Trainer as part of your mobility and conditioning work!

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