Black Friday Discount Is the Ideal Opportunity to Buy the XPO Trainer

2020 Black Friday Discount on XPO Trainer

Across the US, COVID-19 has had an impact on nearly every industry. Many have been able to adjust the delivery of their offering, like curbside service for food and remote check in or drive through testing for hospitals and clinics. Some industries, like fitness and salons, rely on the open operation of their facilities to the public to remain viable. Shut down orders vary from state to state and until a vaccine is approved, the realization that gyms should be shut down again is a very real concern for gym members who attend regularly. Fitness enthusiasts not wanting to lose their gains achieved through regular gym attendance have had to creatively approach a new workout lifestyle that is closer to home. 

 As such, home gyms are on the rise. The housing industry is already incorporating home gyms and home offices as floorplan options and seeing spikes in the request for remodeling existing homes to accommodate these professional and physical spaces. Many who don’t have room inside their existing homes are replicating the traditional CrossFit model by sweating it out in their garage with box fans and the freedom to drop weights at will. Garage gyms alone have seen a significant increase in 2020 due to their size, durability, ease of access and versatility in equipment that can be incorporated.

There’s just some equipment you can’t use in a spare bedroom, but in a garage and driveway, your options increase tremendously. Take the XPO Trainer; one of the quietest, most versatile and portable fitness sleds on the market. It won’t tear up your driveway, can be used equally by men and women of all age groups and ability levels, and is easily stored when not in use. It’s not usually going to be the first piece of equipment you purchase, but for more established home gym owners looking for a new challenge, it definitely fits the bill. The XPO Trainer is the only sled on the market that gets eXPOnentially harder to push the faster you go!

Rami K Saad
October 7, 2020 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Great to have!
I don’t dislike anything. Sturdy, aggressive and stylish. You can’t handle 15-20 minutes back and forth for 100 meters without taking rest. It’s really worth it if you are seeking some lethal cardio, endurance, fat burning and strength exercise. Size is great and it runs over any surface in a quiet way!

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The popularity of home gyms and garage gyms has translated into a surge of demand for wheeled fitness sleds like the XPO Trainer. If you’ve never considered (or tried) a workout sled, now is the BEST time to add one to your garage gym.

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