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I can't remember the last time I contacted a company about their product.  Usually, I figure you got my  money that's good enough. But I want you all to know I love this thing. My background is I'm an 48 year old fat guy who started lifting a few years ago to get into better shape. When I was going to gyms, I liked to push the Prowler sleds so when I started building out my home gym I looked around for something like that and came across your product.
I have struggled with hip pain/tightness for the past year or so. I've backed off my squat volume and tried different stretches and mobility drills but I hate them and they didn't do a lot of good. Mainly because I would get tired of them after a week or so and quit. One session of pushing the sled back and forth in front of my house 5 times and the hip pain/tightness is gone. I was getting out of the shower this morning and I noticed myself already starting to flinch in pain stepping over the tub wall but there was no pain or tightness.
So thanks for the awesome product. Highly recommended!


" "About a year and a half of ownership. 57 yrs old with lots of nagging injuries from a lifetime of sometimes stupid training.


Review: Great thing! I don’t know enough superlatives to properly compliment your sled. Sled is a little misleading. Your evil metallic wheeled push device is more like running up a hill that gets exponentially steeper as you move faster.


And that’s the beautiful thing. The XPO is less about building pushing strength or starting mechanics. It’s REALLY good for getting exceptionally tired. Like ‘Oh S*^t, that’s really uncomfortable’ tired. Minimal warm up, technique, space, time... Just push/rest/repeat. Go a little faster for a little longer than is comfortable and one gets to have a spiritual experience. No injuries, minimal localized soreness, perfect!


No need to get complicated, just push into that deep, deep oxygen debt and repeat to tolerance.
So yeah, this is the greatest training thingy that I have ever come across and in 40 or so years of training I‘ve seen more than a few.



"The XPO Trainer Sled is quite possibly the best weight sled for most home gym owners. Thanks to its magnetic resistance, it makes much less noise than a traditional sled, which, therefore makes much fewer complaints from neighbors. The XPO Trainer Sled 2 builds upon the previous version with minor improvements that make it an even easier recommendation.


Being on wheels, this sled will work on any surface and in any environment. If you are looking for an addition to your home gym, this sled will take your workouts to the next level. If you own a gym and want something new that will challenge your clients, this sled will humble even the strongest athlete. If you are a physical therapist, the XPO Trainer Sled 2 will adapt to the fitness level and/or injury level of your client. As far as being adaptable, there are few pieces of equipment like this one and it would be useful in almost any workout environment.



"In my experience, [the XPO Trainer is] the easiest way to start training an athlete on being powerful in functional sprinting and jumping positions. It matches my athletes' abilities. A 5'3" 110 lbs freshman girl and a 6'2" 215 lbs senior boy can use the same sled without changing any weights. It saves us lots of time and gives each athlete a customized training experience.



"IThe XPO Trainer saves us a tremendous amount of time, convenience, and annoyance. In the past, we would use our sleds/prowlers about once a month and on more than one occasion, people have gotten hurt setting them up and putting them away. Not to mention, they were extremely loud. Over time, they also fell apart from the constant contact with the pavement.  As an owner of a faculty, this makes us shy away from using traditional sleds.



Becky, you asked a while back for feedback on how my XPO Trainer was working out.  In short, I love it.  I hurt my knee a few months back in a mountain biking accident and haven’t been able to do sprint intervals/HIIT training since then as the healing is going very slow. My XPO Trainer has been a godsend as I can do sprints with it on the street in front of my house virtually pain free. I was initially humbled by the leg muscle fatigue pushing the XPO generates. It’s a great cardio AND full body workout. The leg muscles in particular get a great pump and burn. I am currently doing a short but intense set of six 30 second all-out 100% sprints twice a week with my trainer. My legs are slowing building up the strength and endurance to do more as my goal is to get to 8 then 10 then 12 total sprints.

As far as the ease and versatility of the XPO Trainer, I’ve included a short video of my 3-yr old daughter Penny getting a work-out with it. If a 33 lb 3-yr-old with asthma can push it, anyone can. Her passenger is her T-Rex. Cheers and kudos on a great piece of work-out equipment!




Instead of pushing against a static object such as a wall, or pushing against a traditional sled that can quickly slide away and lead to further injury, the XPO Trainer provides a very low rolling resistance at low speeds with an immediate and automatic increase in resistance that will provide an opportunity for the user to regain equilibrium safely.


The standard sled push is what the XPO does best, and is by far my top ranked piece of equipment for the movement.


Nothing is more functional than feet on the ground training your body in real world, not simulated, athletic movements. Increase speed, acceleration, and explosive power on the surface you play on.


New @armoredfit #xpotrainer rocks. Now I can hit some sled work at 6am without waking up the street!


Love the @armoredfit #xpotrainer- can train multiple levels of strength in groups without messing with weight changes. Keeps the intensity thru the roof.



The XPO Trainer Sled from Armored Fitness is an innovative sled that combines a resistance motor with wheels to allow for a nearly silent operation and an absolutely brutal workout. After putting it through various workouts including sprints, intervals, and longer distance pushes, we feel confident recommending the XPO Trainer to anyone wanting a compact, quiet, and effective sled. 


Armored Fitness has created a clever way of producing resistance using a resistance motor and wheels. A chain connects from the motor to the front wheel, and the harder you push, the harder it is (more on that later.)


Thankfully, Armored Fitness had partially assembled the sled. This made it easier for me to put it together and helped avoid any possible issues with misaligning the front wheel. All parts were properly protected within the box and without any damage.


The XPO Trainer has a thick gray powder coat with a nice glossy texture. I like the look and it should hold up to whatever you can throw at it. The powder-coat covers both the frame of the sled as well as the previously mentioned handles. I'm glad they chose the texture they did for the powder-coat as it grips well during pushes and even takes chalk well if you're doing some sort of couplet with a barbell. The frame of the sled is made of rigid, square steel in the familiar prowler shape that is perfect for the application.


The harder you push the sled, the harder it resists and right there is the reason I am such a big fan of the XPO Trainer Sled. There are other reasons as well as illustrated in this review, but from a training aspect, the XPO Sled is absolutely brutal and will humble anyone who doesn't respect it…If the Airdyne is the devil's tricycle, the XPO Trainer is his scooter and it's brutal.




Guys, check out this AMAZING sled from @armoredfit — the XPO Trainer — it features two HUGE benefits that make this THE premiere sled on the market: First, the XPO Trainer is silent — that's right, no more threatening letters from your homeowner's association, neighbors, or property manager! Second, the EPO Trainer does NOT require additional weight, because it featured a unique "eXPOnential drive (similar to isokinetic resistance), which means the faster you push, the more resistance you'll experience. Lightweight (about 40 pounds) and portable (easily fits into most car trunks), you'll love this sled — check out the other videos at @armoredfit as well



For explosive training, there may not be anything better out there than being able to do sprints with a sled. [The XPO Trainer has] resistance built into it…because it’s causing friction, the harder you push, the more resistance it adds. You don’t ever have to put a lot of weight on it..[a 45 pound plate] just keeps that front tire from jumping off the ground. This is something my wife and I would be able to train at the same time…never have to change the weight on the actual sled. It doesn’t make any awful grinding, disgusting noises.




#Sledtraining is for everyone. I love this @armoredfit #xposled #xpotrainer- it has given us a bunch more options for our special population clients. And surprisingly they love it too. A motor provides the resistance for the sled so no need to change out weights between clients. Saves so much time and it's super quiet.




[The] XPO trainer has been super excellent!! I use it on my driveway (5 car length so 25 yard'ish) three times a week. I do my training in the mornings, work from 2pa-10:30p, and then I do my XPO sprints at night 11p. Something I couldn't do with the prowler.

It's been awesome!! One thing I regret is not buying it sooner. I don't have to drive at the park with my prowler and weights anymore. Now I can sled sprint without scuffing my driveway and neighbors complaining!! Thanks so much!! 


What's better than pushing heavy things? Pushing reverse motor powered accommodating-resistance heavy things of course! Real talk, this thing is easily the best tool I've ever used for teaching acceleration mechanics. It allows a dramatic elongation of the acceleration phase without needing to hit a ton of bricks at the start. If you've ever tried to significantly slow down the drive phase with external load, as a learning tool, you know what I'm talking about. If the drive phase mechanics of low shin angles and and high force production need to be slowed down to allow the athlete many more reps (increased step number) for learning, the load almost always has to be so great on a normal prowler sled that to initiate movement requires breakdown of sprint mechanics. Not the case with this sled. . .

This sucker is now a staple of training to be included in phases where force production and acceleration mechanics are key and will precede things like hill sprints and short flat accelerations in the annual cycle. FYI, it's made by Armored Fitness and marketed primarily to CrossFit Games folks, but the utility of it for sprint coaches is arguably even higher. Paired with what I'd like to think is decent coaching ;) I've seen single session improvements in sprint acceleration mechanics that just haven't been possible before without a way to easily elongate the true drive phase of a sprint. I'll report back on how the athlete's progress into transitioning out of their new-found acceleration phases!
Alex Harrison XPO Trainer 


“It is a really interesting piece of equipment because instead of just adding weight to this…the resistance is from an electric motor wired backwards. So you are actually generating energy and that motor is soaking it up.”
“The faster you turn that wheel the more resistance it gives.”
“Absolutely kills all the momentum that you have!”
“If it gives this much resistance going downhill with me having to push it downhill, just imagine what it feels like going uphill. It was absolutely horrible. Calves were burning, my everything was burning. It would be a shorter list to name the things that weren’t hurting when I was doing this.”
“All I have on there is a 45 pound plate... the sled doesn’t tip over because that front wheel is slowing down.”
“I pushed downhill and it was actually a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.”



The XPO Trainer has changed the way we can program our high school speed and agility sessions. Our athletes love the challenge and I love the versatility. It is a brilliant idea, and great product!


The XPO Trainer is a beautiful machine. Way more than I thought it would be. I am handicapped with spinal issues that effect the movement (or lack of) of my legs. I have trouble walking and walking is good for your back. The XPO Trainer is easy to use. You do not need to add weights to give more resistance. The harder you push, the harder it pushes back at you. So for people like me it is simple to use. But the best is that I can use it. The XPO Trainer is very stable so it gives me the support I need to be able to walk for exercise. Without it, I could not walk up the hill on the video. I highly recommend the XPO Trainer for anyone who has trouble walking. It has really worked for me.



Hands down, the XPO Sled is my favorite piece of equipment in the gym. Actually, if we tracked actual athlete contact time, no other training tool would log as much time under use either. Someone brings it out in the morning and it is used the entire day, from warm ups to brutal bouts of XPO chicken. We love it.

The XPO Sled scalability also can't be beat. My seven year old daughter and I are both able to use the same load. The days of changing a million plates are over. Did I mention this thing won't destroy your floor and won't bum out the neighbors with the sound of sled-grind?

We've been running a prototype for a year and have literally had to tell a thousand people that they cannot buy ours. If you could buy one thing in addition to a barbell, the XPO Sled would be it.
Kelly Starrett XPO Trainer


I have thoroughly enjoyed the XPO trainer. It gives me a workout that I could not find elsewhere. It definitely meets my needs. I am not a trainer or a fitness facility. I am just a fat old accountant that pushes the XPO around after dark trying to beat this old body into shape so that I can function when I get into my 60s and 70s.


I’ve been using this sled for about a month and it’s an amazing conditioning tool that works the posterior chain while increasing baseline work capacity. It will humble you! The sled is SO easy to use without much instruction that I can get clients going on it right away – walking, running, sprinting, pulling. I found it to be a terrific workout for my time. With under 200 meters of pushing you can get a killer workout! So, if you’re going for that one piece of equipment to have at home or at your gym, this is the one! Used by itself, or combined in with other workout modalities, the XPO Sled is my favorite workout toy! Do your homework and make the move! You won’t regret it." Read more. . .
Eva T XPO Trainer


The first time I used the XPO trainer, it caught me off guard with the first push! I was able to pair the XPO trainer with my heart rate training programs for successful interval workout. It's challenging, fun, and one of a kind piece of equipment every gym needs.


The XPO sled has become one of the most popular tools in our gym. So easy to set up and use, that our teens through competitors use it regularly. I guarantee your neighbors and landlord are not excited about seeing sparks fly and gouges in the parking lot that you get from regular sleds. Oh, it also DESTROYS people. Always an added bonus.


The XPO Sled is an essential piece of equipment for any box or gym for several reasons.

  1. You get as much out of the XPO Sled as you put into it. The harder you push, the greater the resistance. I coach Basics for CrossFit Richardson and I LOVE the comments our new athletes have before (“Oh it’s on wheels? No problem.”) and after (insert heavy breathing here) their first XPO Sled experience.
  2. ANYONE can use it. If it’s your first day of CrossFit or if you’re a CrossFit Games competitor, if you’re 100lbs overweight and can’t run 100ft or if you have a 4min mile, you’ll not only be able to use the XPO Sled but you’ll get an incredible workout as well.
  3. The XPO Sled can be used for multiple purposes. Sprints, long distance, pushing or pulling, gravel or grass, the XPO Sled if functional for any setting. I’m always in awe of the Founder, Bill Strahan, when he pulls the XPO Sled out in inclement weather for his daily “400m warm-up.”
  4. You LITERALLY can’t fail. When you’re at the tail end of a WOD and still have 50ft to push the XPO Sled and your legs are toast, you can still make progress. Walk (or crawl) that baby to the finish line and collapse to the ground knowing you successfully finished your first XPO Sled WOD!"


In CrossFit, we always talk about the scalability of exercises. The beauty of the XPO Sled is that it's scalable for a person that is five or sixty five. No need to make any adjustments. No need to add or remove any weights. You simply push it and it does the job. It gets you wrecked!

For athletes looking to build power, speed, and metabolic conditioning, there simply isn't a better training tool than the XPO sled.


The XPO Sled has truly been my favorite thing to do during this pregnancy. I teach yoga, I teach CrossFit, I teach bootcamp, and I love the XPO Sled. It gives me a good workout and I don't feel like I'm hurting myself!


There is nothing else out there quite like the XPO Sled. As the motto states, it is never easy and if you want to increase strength, power, explosiveness, and endurance, XPO Sled is the key. Anybody from a football player to a crossfitter can benefit from the XPO Sled.


I've used the XPO Sled a few times now. Unlike the sleds that slide on the floor, this sled is smooth and very easy to use - even for beginners. What a great product and workout! Go CrossFitters!!!