Full Body Workout Routine with XPO Trainer

Full Body Workout Routine with XPO Trainer

Everyone knows that building muscle is important to your fitness and health. But what if you don't have the time or inclination to spend hours in the gym every week? What if you want a full body training but don't want to go through all of those tedious motions? There are sled trainers for sale on the market today that can help build explosive power in your workouts without spending an hour at a weight station.

The XPO Trainer can be used as a tool for general fitness improvement, as well as giving you a full-body and explosive workout. Unlike most pieces of fitness equipment that make these promises, the XPO Trainer is not just for athletes.

Adding the XPO trainer to your fitness routine will consistently provide you with the exercise you need and give you a challenge you didn't know you needed.

A typical workout sled can be a challenge to maintain because of the need for weight plates, pushing on surfaces can cause extreme damage, and more. It also limits your explosive training. When it comes to strength training and an increase in your explosiveness, you must be able to be dynamic in your workout.

When you are wanting to have an explosive and dynamic workout, what does that entail?

You must dynamically incorporate speed and resistance.

Lighter weight to heavier weight with increased speed, right?

You can easily run a mile, work out on weight machines doing standard 3x10 exercises, but why do you need to have a training sled for this?

A typically weighted sled can be used for this, as mentioned above, but you have to stop mid-exercise, change the weight and then go back to pushing the sled.

It is definitely a good addition but if you want to push yourself further, you must have a dynamic resistance system.

Let's take a deeper look into how the XPO Trainer is an improvement on the traditional sled and how it will give you an explosive workout overall.

Sled training is a great way to improve explosiveness 

Incorporating a sled in a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout increases explosiveness and endurance. Traditional sleds make you add heavier weights to increase the resistance.

When you have more resistance, you are using your chest, calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes to push the sled. This full-body workout is exactly what you need to have to improve your explosiveness.

While standing with the sled ready to be pushed, you explode forward, driving faster and harder to push the weight.

Traditional, static exercises do not allow you to use your whole body in this function. Of course, you have foundational exercises like deadlifts, overhead snatches, etc that help with this as well.

These are all reasons why adding a sled to your workout routine is a simple and effective boost to any routine!

Sleds are not only for athletes, but they are also useful for general fitness improvement

When you think of sleds being used and explosive power in training, what do you think of?

Athletes, right?

We tend to think of the 6 foot 8 inches, 350-pound lineman from the NFL smashing into those dummy sleds.

You can now have the same thought process for training in your own garage. Why do they train so hard for that? Because they understand that strength and conditioning are important, but having an explosive training element in their routine will improve overall performance.

Training sleds will help anyone with overall movements designed to increase strength and explosiveness regardless if you are an athlete or someone just starting on your fitness journey.

There are many benefits of sled training including better endurance, injury prevention, and improved balance 

Since many sleds are usually on the ground, they can be used for a variety of exercises, as well as to help with balance.

In fact, when you use a sled for balance training, you activate your whole stabilizer system and increase overall stability. This can help with rehabilitating people who have had injuries in their past.

In addition to that, being more active and having increased strength will decrease your risk of injury to joints and muscles. It is also a good way to maintain your muscle mass while you are injured.

When you incorporate endurance, strength training, explosiveness, as well as a dynamic workout that stretches key areas, you can improve your recovery time and overall fitness, as well as help prevent injuries.

The XPO Trainer is a revolutionary sled that will allow you to have an explosive workout without the limitations of heavyweights or having to stop mid-exercise and change weights. 

Now that you see the importance of sled training to increase your workouts, why is the XPO Trainer better than a typical sled?

The reason is in the design.

When discussing the issues of explosive training and sleds being that you cannot maintain a consistent workout when you have to stop, add or remove weights then continue, this is where the XPO Trainer excels.

The XPO Trainer incorporates a motor that provides exponential resistance to it.

What does that even mean?

What that means is, the harder you push, the more resistance the motor adds to the front wheel system to make it harder to push.

When you slow down, it automatically adjusts to lower resistance.

Whether you are pushing or pulling the XPO Trainer, it will adjust the resistance to meet your effort.

Let's look at how the XPO Trainer will help with resistance and explosive training.

Put this machine at the starting line, walk 25 meters while pushing it. When you hit 25, explode and run for another 25 meters. You will instantly feel the motor push back on you, forcing your explosiveness to work harder.

When you hit the 50-meter mark, slow down to a walk and feel that motor ease up on the resistance. Repeat this over and over again.

You will find that it is not easy. When you hold onto a machine for so long, pushing hard, slowing down in a HIIT style workout, you will get that workout in faster and harder.

That is why so many clients buy our sled!

The ability to create more explosive workouts is one of the many reasons why training sleds, like the XPO Trainer, are becoming more common items in garages, gyms, and personal training workouts.

The XPO Trainer does not require weight plates, like other training sleds, so it is more affordable over time and has the ability to provide an even more explosive workout for you. We told you, this won't be easy, but it is absolutely worth it.

Check out some of our videos showing you how the XPO Trainer works and our Instagram for videos and pictures of clients using it. Adding this to your next exercise routine is guaranteed to give you the best full-body workout!