"It's an Absolute Game Changer" - Customer Review

Let me start this off by saying I had no idea what the XPO Trainer even was until about a week and a half ago.

Oftentimes, we see many fitness products that are out there in the space and always wonder if they're even worth the money.

For me personally I've always had challenges with my weight and my fitness.

For the last two and a half months or so, I've been extremely focused as my fiancé is now a certified nutritionist, and I am more focused on my health and fitness than ever before.

I reached out to Armored Fitness Equipment and asked if I could provide an in-depth user experience from the last week and a half of having this piece of equipment in my life.

I tend to workout with weights five days a week and add additional cardio two days a week.

I do a lot of activities outside with my kids in the evenings, so I stay relatively active.

Three weeks ago I noticed that I was not pushing myself as hard with my workouts and I wanted to find something I can add to my home gym that would make the workouts better.

I remember in the military, I'd always use those push sleds that you would load weight on, push across the grass, or the sand, and I always enjoyed them.

Problem was when I started looking for this type of equipment, I live in a neighborhood with an asphalt road and I have  grass.

My concern was dragging this heavy sled up and down the road and how much noise it would cause, damaging the road, as well as damaging my precious grass I make sure is mowed every two weeks. ;)

The other concern I had was even though I have weight plates that I use for my home gym, it wasn't enough to provide the level of resistance that I was hoping for.

So I would have to spend even more money on more weight plates and I'm getting married in a few days so most of my budget was already tied up anyways.

So I'd be looking at easily close to $1,000 or more to get a standard push sled and all the weights needed for it.

Armed with those two concerns, I didn't expect to find what I found with Armored Fitness Equipment and the XPO Trainer.

I saw something on Instagram that was a push sled with wheels

At first I didn't think it made any sense because that kind of doesn't help with the whole purpose of a push sled, right?

But after looking at it more, there were a lot of huge benefits that I saw on the website that helped me overcome those concerns. 

It was silent, it had a motor that provided something called exponential resistance (which I had to look up what it meant), and I saw that it was relatively easy to store.

Knowing I was already gonna spend a pretty little chunk of change, I was able to purchase the XPO Trainer for a significantly less amount of money than I was expecting in the first place.

One of the things that made me love Armored Fitness Equipment as a company even more, is after I purchased the XPO Trainer,they were very prompt at getting it shipped to my house in less than two days, they sent me a personalized email video message, and they let you know that you are a part of the family.

Assembly was relatively easy. While I am pretty handy when it comes to tools, what I loved is that it comes with all the pieces you need with tools included, very simple and easy instructions that is essentially putting four or five bolts together, plugging in the motor, put in the handles and the weight rhino on it and it's ready to go. (btw, the weight of a rhino is only needed if you push the back wheels off the ground a lot. I do not need to use any weights but I like that it has that option as needed).

But let me tell you, I was so skeptical when I put this thing together! I was like there's no way this thing is going to be that difficult.

Boy was I wrong.

I actually started pushing this thing down my driveway and felt the increasing resistance the faster I pushed. 

I started incorporating this amazing piece of equipment as something that is used between sets on my workout.

So every time I finish three or four sets of bench press, before I go over to the dumbbell press, I would take this XPO Trainer 50 yards down the street, and 50 yards back up. I workout at 630am and no one complains since it’s quiet. Which is perfect.     

It is an absolute smoker!

Especially on leg day yesterday, after my squat sets I did my usual XPO Trainer rounds and my legs were on fire.

I also noticed my upper back and my shoulders have been feeling a little bit more exhausted because you're pushing this thing and it's a real total body workout that is being done.

Since I've started incorporating this into my cardio as well as between my weight sets, I finally broke through the plateau that I seem to have had for the last three weeks.

I will send armored fitness equipment some pictures of my in body measurements to show what it looked like. 

I haven't changed anything up with my dieting, since I eat relatively clean already, but adding this in between sets and as a workout addition has tremendously helped!

There are obviously a lot of physical benefits that come with it, but one of my favorite things is the mental benefits of working out with it. 

There are times towards the end part of my workout where I am doing this XPO Trainer for the 10th time and I look up and I see how far I have to go to get back to the house and it mentally makes me push harder and not give up..

On the fence of purchasing this equipment? I promise you it is definitely worth it.

You can also check out a video I posted on my Instagram and tagged Armored Fitness Equipment in and  just see the hill that I have to handle this machine on.

I've never taken the time to write a lengthy product review, but this thing is absolutely amazing.

I'm grateful I stumbled on it and it's able to help me crush my fitness goals and accomplish a lot more in my life.

Also love that my family uses it too. I enjoy watching my younger kids try to push this thing and getting active as well. It truly is a family piece of equipment.

--Submitted by Justin Ehrhardt, Armored Fitness Equipment New Customer