This Push Sled With Wheels Works For All Fitness Levels

The Wheeled Push Sled is Excellent for All Fitness Levels

If you've ever pushed a traditional sled, you know it's one of the best/worst workouts you'll ever do. Many trainers and athletes agree that adding a sled push to your fitness routine is a must. Using a push sled is a great way to give your workout variety, develop aerobic capacity, and increase sprint times. But you also know if you've pushed a traditional sled, it isn't the most convenient piece of gym equipment. Traditional push sleds are bulky, loud, and plates have to be changed to accommodate every athlete.

crossfit athletes push sled

Enter the XPO Trainer, the only push sled that makes it easy to add sled workouts to any routine, any time, anywhere, for ANY athlete! The XPO Trainer gives you the same workout as a traditional sled, with none of the headaches. Our push sled is on wheels and has a resistance motor - and these two things make it a game-changer. No more grinding concrete or loud noises. And no more changing plates out for each ability level. Every athlete can push the XPO Trainer and get a great workout without changing any settings or plates. From the beginner at CrossFit to the elite pro athlete, the XPO Trainer is the easiest way to add sled training to your workout routine at home or at the gym. And because the XPO Trainer weighs 60 pounds and has removable handles, trainers and athletes can easily transport it anywhere.

We were the first to develop a push sled on wheels, and we remain committed to bringing you the best, most versatile, fitness sled on the market. Check out our testimonials page to read what coaches, student athletes, CrossFit members, and pro athletes have to say about adding the XPO Trainer to their workout routine!