Armored Fitness- “The Best Push Sled” XPO Trainer Review by Highland Games Athlete Matt Vincent

We’re acting like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert around here this week. Matthew Vincent of HVIII Brands recently shared an in-depth video of our XPO Trainer on his YouTube Channel. He has over 22,000 subscribers and almost 4 million views on YouTube, so yeah, we think that means he’s pretty cool. He shows his viewers how he easily assembles the push sled and talks about benefits of sled training. He also shares his take on why our Armored Fitness XPO Trainer is different from other sleds on the market. Fast forward to 1:47 to hear his review of the XPO Trainer!  

Here are a few quotes we jotted down in case you don’t have time to watch the whole video (although you’re missing out if you don’t!)---

  • “For explosive training, there may not be anything better out there than being able to do sprints with a sled.”
  • “Its got a resistance built into it…because it’s causing friction, the harder you push, the more resistance it adds. You don’t ever have to put a lot of weight on it...[a 45 pound plate] just keeps that front tire from jumping off the ground.”
  • “This is something my wife and I would be able to train at the same time...never have to change the weight on the actual sled.”

And our favorite…

  • “It doesn’t make any awful grinding, disgusting noises.”

We want to send a HUGE thank you to Matt and the team at HVIII for the awesome video and great review. We hope your knee gets better soon Matt and you get to use your new XPO Trainer as part of your rehab and conditioning!

Matt Vincent is a Professional Highland Games Athlete, a 2X World Champion, a collegiate thrower, and has elite totals in both raw and geared powerlifting. He is the author of the Training Lab book series, and travels the world looking for strength and adventure.

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