The XPO Trainer –The Push Sled with Wheels

What is the XPO Trainer and how does it work

The XPO Trainer is an exercise sled that will provide you with a full-body workout that will help increase any workout's difficulty from the very first exercise all the way until the end.

This push sled does not require weights in order to add more resistance, unlike many sleds used today. Adding weight is beneficial for the tire traction but is not required. The harder and faster you push, the more the resistance motor automatically adjusts to give a more powerful workout. 

Unlike traditional sleds, this resistance will increase and decrease based on your explosive power and provides a great variable resistance training tool for your early morning workout.

The XPO Trainer is an all-surface weight sled that is not used just for training elite athletes, it can be used as an outdoor sled for any home garage gym.

The XPO Trainer can also be used for any indoor or outdoor training as well as group training and its removable handles provide the ability for personal trainers to transport the outdoor weight sled efficiently and effectively as a standalone piece of fitness equipment.

The XPO Trainer works by creating a high-impact training workout as a friction sled with or without added weight.

The included weight horn is mainly designed to help assist the wheel traction and piling heavy weights on the Armored Fitness Equipment is not needed to add resistance to the workout. The XPO Trainer adds all the resistance for you, automatically. 

With the expanded training options, the XPO Trainer can provide, your workouts match any type of workout that incorporates battle rope, lunges, or any other resistance training workout.

Push the Workout Envelope

This innovative product is a cross-trainer that can also be used for functional training to strengthen your upper back, shoulders and chest. It's designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance as well as provides overall muscle use that is similar to stand alone squats, lunges, and other stationary exercises! When combined with a workout routine, the XPO Trainer delivers important results with shorter turnaround time. The XPO Trainer automatically adjusts to accommodate the abilities of different athletes, eliminating the need for a designated set of weights. The XPO Trainer is the one workout equipment that will push back as hard as you push. Designed to automatically adjust to the user, this sled can keep active and fit people challenged with time restrictions.

The XPO Trainer can be used for Cross-training and Functional Training!

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Cross-Training is a workout regimen that incorporates elements from various sports or exercises, it can be done to compliment your specific sport, improve general fitness and increase overall performance readiness.

Cross-training will significantly improve the quality of any Functional Training workout but can be used as a stand-alone workout program or alongside anything that is cardiovascular demanding, including the XPO Trainer.


How Does a Wheel Push Sled Benefit Me?

 The XPO Trainer will help any workout that is geared toward maximizing your strength and endurance during any training session!

The XPO Trainer is a great piece of equipment that can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments on a variety of surfaces. It really makes it the best piece of equipment for those trainers looking to add a tool to their workout arsenal. 

Training on the XPO Trainer will develop muscles throughout your chest, shoulders, legs, and back. It truly is an all-body workout machine.

The XPO Trainer can be used as an outdoor, indoor, garage workout system that pushes you and your group training class to the next level. Not having to use weights as resistance is a massive cost-effective bonus. Weights are predominately used to reduce the front wheel skid and rear wheels lift off the ground. Does it make it harder to push? Nope. That is the benefit of this system.

This combination of benefits will help your entire body create more explosive power for you!

Superior portability

The strong XPO training engine delivers demanding workouts where you are needful. With a removable handle it can be loaded onto a team bus or the back of a truck for team training sessions on the road. 

Also, when not in use the removable handles can help you keep the equipment in an equipment rack or garage. The removable handles are also stored in cars or equipment cages if they are not used for training. You can check out our other blog HERE about storing the XPO Trainer for more ideas!

Why Not Just Use Weight Plates?

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The XPO Trainer is an unbeatable variable resistance training tool that will allow you to control the level of your workout with a simple push. Often times, people ask if you can use the XPO Trainer for pull exercises. While the trainer is not designed for it, check out some creative workout ideas some of our other users have generated with the XPO Trainer here.

The XPO Trainer allows you to get plenty of upper and lower bodywork without adding more plates.

Unlike traditional weights, a proper exercise sled will adjust the resistance based on your effort!

Sled training, in its infancy, was designed to allow you to add heavyweight plates to it but didn't cover what a standard friction sled from Armored Fitness Equipment can offer. What it offers is the ability to have force automatically added to your workout vs. having to stop and add more weight as a form of resistance. 

Simply put, our sled increases resistance as you are moving faster and harder and will decrease in resistance to allow muscle burnout. 

Traditional weights do not offer the ability to increase and decrease resistance during a workout to maximize muscle fatigue.

What is the difference between an XPO Trainer and an Exercise Sled?

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Since the XPO Trainer only weighs about 60 pounds, and has removable handles, you can easily transport it from location to location. The ability to make it more compact is a larger advantage over a traditional exercise sled that is usually bolted together. 

The motor provides exponential resistance in an XPO Trainer which means you do not have to carry 400+ pounds of excess weight around with you, which saves you thousands of dollars! 

An XPO System pays for itself when you do not need to keep buying excess plates to add more resistance. 

A traditional weight sled has a few flaws. 

Other exercise sleds do not have wheels which forces you to drag it along grass, gym floors, or concrete causing damage to both the sled as well as the environment you are pushing it in.

It also is very loud in your neighborhood as you are dragging it down the road! Your neighbors will definitely despise you and you will end up destroying property. 

That wear and tear, over time, ends up costing you more than just money.

An XPO Trainer not only saves money on the cost of additional weights, it saves you money by eliminating the damage to your gym or surrounding property.

Build muscle quietly

A sled with wheels is a great solution for working out and creating a more silent training experience. As your workout's difficulty increases, nearly every person in your neighborhood will not even know you are having a great workout!

Unlike traditional weight sleds which make ear-splitting noise, our revolutionary training sled can be used almost silently across the surfaces. 

Get your day started without waking up the rest of the family. Due to its automatically adjustable resistance based on your effort, you can eliminate unnecessary noise from your list of worries.

Here's what to know before trying one out during your next conditioning session.

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While traditional weight sleds can be difficult to maneuver on certain surfaces, the XPO Trainer's wheels make it easy for use on lawns, gym floors or your local high school tracks. 

The weight you add to the XPO Trainer is merely to keep your front and rear wheels on the ground. Keeping the front wheel engaged on the ground helps ensure you maintain proper resistance while the back wheels staying firmly planted keeps you from lifting the machine off the ground. If you find yourself pushing the sled and the rear wheels come up, you only need some weight for that! The rest is done by the exponential motor. That is it! 

Is Weight Sled Group Training a Good Idea?

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Using a sled with wheels during group training is definitely a great idea!

Since it is compact, mobile, and user-friendly, it can be used in any group fitness class that you have. Its low tow bar design is used by many Armored Fitness customers who want to add a dynamic to their training.

There are even some assisted living communities that can benefit from this multi-purpose training tool.

You can use it as a warm up, part of a circuit, and, our favorite, the last burnout sprint, and workout. The options are endless! Let your imagination run and crush your next workout.

What are people saying about it?

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I love the product and customer service

"I can't remember the last time I contacted a company about their product. Usually, I figure if you got my money that's good enough. But I want you all to know I love this thing. My background is I'm a 48-year-old fat guy who started lifting a few years ago to get into better shape. When I was going to gyms, I liked to push the Prowler sleds so when I started building out my home gym I looked around for something like that and came across your product.

I have struggled with hip pain/tightness for the past year or so. I've backed off my squat volume and tried different stretches and mobility drills but I hate them and they didn't do a lot of good. Mainly because I would get tired of them after a week or so and quit. 

One session of pushing the sled back and forth in front of my house 5 times and the hip pain/tightness is gone. I was getting out of the shower this morning and I noticed myself already starting to flinch in pain stepping over the tub wall but there was no pain or tightness.

So thanks for the awesome product. Highly recommended!

Dave Mclinden

Where Do I get One?

Getting one has never been easier! Simply check out our website for the options that are available to you.

Since we do run out of stock fast, make sure you get yours quickly!


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