The XPO Trainer from a Coach’s Perspective - CrossFit Richardson

We're doing a little series interviewing coaches and gym owners that are currently using our XPO Trainer for workouts! First up is our home CrossFit box, CrossFit Richardson in Richardson, Texas. John Marshall and his wife Julia founded CrossFit Richardson in 2008, and it offers 8 classes per day to over 300 members. CrossFit Richardson has had an XPO Trainer since our founding, and we are proud to say our sled is one of the most used pieces of equipment at our box!

So, here is John answering a few questions about the XPO Trainer:

Why did you purchase an XPO Trainer for your gym?

Because of the way it is made, the XPO provides an entirely different training stimulus than any traditional sled. It's the perfect training tool for all different levels of athlete...our teens and adults can use the same sled without the constant need to change the load. It's a great tool for warm up, rehab, or training...change the intensity, not the equipment.

What is one thing that makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds on the market?

Sharing a parking lot with other businesses and nearby residences has prohibited us from using the traditional sleds on the concrete due to the noise. The new XPO Trainer allows us to train during all hours and not be disruptive.

What is one of your favorite workouts using the XPO Trainer?

One of the most brutal workouts I have ever done was a max effort 500 meter row followed by a 100 meter XPO push....two and a half of the most miserable minutes of my life.

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XPO Trainer Workout