Trying to break things!

We spent 18 months working on version 2 of the XPO then another 6 months trying to get the original XPO produced again, only to find out we couldn't make the original exactly as it was.  Whatever we did, it was going to involve some changes to the frame as well as sourcing and integrating of new components.  We began calling this effort version 1.5 during development but have now settled on the name XPO Trainer.  It’s not really a sled, since it has wheels, and as long as we’re doing some redesign we figured it’s time for the name reflect that.

So what have I been building in those previous videos?  We needed to test the frame for cracking, so I built an XPO Breaker!  This video shows it in use on the third XPO Trainer prototype.  I’ve intentionally overloaded the frame and at this point in the video the XPO Trainer has been picked up and dropped just over 60,000 times!  We are doing everything we can to create a quality product that holds up under the use we anticipate!