Schools Give the XPO Trainer Push Sled An A+ for Student Athletes

The XPO Trainer Push Sled is Training Student Athletes Everywhere

When it comes to physical fitness and schools, the XPO Trainer push sled gets an A+. We have heard great success of the XPO Trainer pushing athletes of ALL ages to the next level!

As the first sled on wheels, this versatile training device has "made the cut" at many schools. Why? First, it's a sled with wheels! Many coaches want the benefits of a push sled workout for their athletes, but don't want to damage their gym floor or tear up their outdoor field. The XPO is safe indoors and out, on any surface! This allows coaches to incorporate the XPO Trainer year-round. With wheels, there's really no "off season" for the XPO.

"After researching workout sleds, the XPO Trainer was the only one we could use indoors during the cold winter months of our HS wrestling season, and not harm the hallways or gym floors like a push sled on sleds." -Ned Laughery, Head Wrestling coach, Blair-Taylor HS in Blair, Wisconsin.

Secondly, the XPO Trainer automatically meets the needs of a wide range of athletes. Traditional sleds require the user to change out weights to create the appropriate load. That takes time. With the XPO Trainer's automatically adjusting power, there's no changing out weights between athletes. It automatically adjusts for whoever is pushing it!

"A 5'3" 110 lbs freshman girl and a 6'2" 215 lbs senior boy can use the same sled without changing any weights. It saves us lots of time and gives each athlete a customized training experience." -Kurt Earl, Head Football Coach/PE Teacher, Lincoln Christian School in Lincoln, Nebraska

And to round out the XPO Trainer's A+ report card for schools is the total body workout achieved with XPO pushes while having FUN! Winning Edge, part of the Ankeny Community School District in Iowa has added 10 XPO push sleds to their arsenal. It was incorporated into their summer program and is now part of their workouts during the school year. Student athletes are able to have XPO races and relays and have fun while making gains in their cardiovascular fitnesses, power and explosiveness.


From football athletes to wrestlers and every off-season athlete in between, the XPO Trainer is making the grade at schools across the United States to help take athletes to the next level!