This month we "traveled" to New England to talk with Sean Collins, owner of Built In Boston. An athlete his entire life, Sean's passion for training began early on. He turned his interest in human performance into a profession when he started training athletes, working professionals, and others in the Greater Boston community, and he has been training for the better part of 15+ years.

As a Certified Functional Strength Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, Sean spent many years training in large, big-box gyms and in commercial strength & conditioning facilities, small and medium-sized private studios, open parks and fields, and even in client homes. About six years ago, he decided to go out on his own, and that's when Built in Boston was born. 

And then 2020 hit and Sean had to pivot. He's taken his entire business online and started offering virtual workouts and virtual training for his clients. 

Why did you purchase XPO Trainer(s) for your gym? 

I'm a  huge training economy person and try to work based on movement and not just muscle. The sled training provides huge “bang for your buck” in terms of the versatility. I'm a big proponent of sled training and have kids, high school athletes, all the way up to seniors pushing the XPO.

I love the build of the XPO - it's a robust piece of equipment. It's overbuilt...but in a good way in that it can handle a kicking and will provide longevity. The XPO is mechanically really sound, and having tires instead of treads is huge. The fact that you can push from one side to another without having to change handles/positions is a bonus. Changing directions and transporting it are a breeze. It's easy to throw in the back of my truck and take to a park for a workout, which is a game changer in terms of portability.

The XPO is a superior sled to the traditional sled. It does everything that your traditional sled does and more.

What benefits do you see when you or clients add sled training to a workout routine?

It's great for speed development. It's great for general physical conditioning. It allows me to train horizontal force production which carries over to so many things - jumps, sprints, throws. It mimics the sprint angle, perfect for training sports performance. The XPO is also a safe way to add in conditioning for the average joe. It's not just for the super athletes. I also like to use it for steady-state lower intensity workouts. Even just walking with the XPO is beneficial for some of the demographics I work with. It's easy on the joints and self-limiting. 

It truly lends itself to everyone. Everyone can find a way to use this sled and benefit.

What makes the XPO Trainer different from other sleds you've used?

The versatility and ability to use it with a wide array of clients is the most appealing aspect. I can run a small group outside and have a football player working out with a wrestler working out with a basketball player. And it's adaptable to males and females using it together. With a traditional sled, we would have to stop and take weight off in-between rounds and figure out the optimal resistance for each person. Not with the XPO. It takes the guesswork out. It gets a ton of use with my clients and myself. I couldn't be happier with the product-it's a great sled!

I've been in the trenches in the fitness world and have seen lots of gimmicky toys. This is not that. The gimmicky toys come and go, but you've taken something valuable in the way of physical training and put a cool spin on it and allowed for more people to use a sled. It gives people the best possible workout, still using a tool that I love.

What is one of your most memorable workouts using the XPO Trainer?

Hill sprints with the XPO are pretty gnarly. We've run incline sprints in the neighborhood before, and that led to some uncomfortable feelings for my wife and me for sure. 

Another funny XPO story - I had a 25 year old female out at 6 am pushing the XPO in the neighborhood. A neighbor walking his dog had to stop and ask, "Is this the sled the NFL guys use on TV?"

Thanks so much for sharing with us Sean! We enjoyed hearing how you're putting the XPO to use in Boston with a wide variety of clients!

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