Benefits of a Push Sled

If you're frustrated by the lack of progress in your workout, it may be the functionality and quality of your workout equipment. Give yourself a fresh challenge with the power of a push sled to give your fitness routine an upgrade.

Not sure how to get started? Here's how sleds work and some of the benefits you can expect when incorporating sled pushes into your workouts.

Our Push Sled Works with Your Momentum

Push sleds - Armored FitnessOur XPO Trainer push sleds works differently than other gym equipment because it works with your own momentum and power. Traditional sleds usually require weight and resistance to challenge you. 

You can still get in an incredible workout without adding anything extra to the equipment. Our XPO Trainers use your momentum to work as hard as you do. A weight can add some traction, but the key to getting in a challenging workout is to put more momentum behind it. 

Get a Full Body Workout

If you're feeling frustrated by how many machines and weights you need for a single workout, a push sled can simplify the process. Our XPO Trainers target different muscle groups for full-body training. Here are some of the areas a push sled impacts:

  • Quadriceps
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Triceps
  • Glutes
  • Calves
  • Abdominal
  • Hip flexors 

A push sled is comprehensive, challenging, and satisfies your need for a full-body workout.

Keep Your Workout Convenient and Portable

Traditional push sleds are bulky and heavy, and they often take up too much valuable space in your gym or garage. An XPO Trainer is both convenient and portable to make working out accessible no matter where you go. Easily take it to a friend's, on vacation, or a local park to workout anywhere you want to workout.

Suitable for All Fitness Levels

Because our push sled works with your own momentum, it's suitable for all fitness levels. Our clients include athletes, professional coaches, gym owners, fitness entrepreneurs, teenagers, new fitness enthusiasts, and people with various disabilities. Use a push sled at your own pace and build up the strength you need to take your workout to new levels.

Enjoy a Quiet Workout

Traditional push sleds are noisy and tend to scrape up floors. The XPO Trainer uses wheels and is designed to be quiet and easy to move. Gym owners can free up valuable space in their gym without risking damage to their floors in the process. You can also enjoy the push sled at home and wheel down your driveway, across your floor, or in your basement without annoying your loved ones or neighbors with too much noise.

Improve Your Speed

There's a reason so many professional athletes use push sleds. Our XPO Trainers do more than build muscle and stamina; they also help improve your speed. Working out with a push sled improves sprinting speed and creates an anabolic environment to help you gain muscle at the same time. 

Intensify Your Calorie Burn

Push sleds - Armored FitnessHow many calories you burn with a push sled depends on the intensity of your workout, how much you already weigh, and other factors like your current fitness level. But it is possible to burn hundreds of calories in minutes with the right momentum.

Our favorite go-to XPO Sled burns calories to get you in great shape as quickly as possible. Read more about how a sled can transform your results at the gym or home.

Ready to Give Your Workout an Upgrade?

A push sled replaces the need for ineffective, cumbersome, and loud fitness equipment. You'll see results and get a rewarding workout with your new XPO Trainer. Browse our selection of products here