Best Push Sled

If you run a gym or fitness business, you need a simple yet powerful machine that gets your results. The issue is finding equipment that can help beginners, those undergoing rehab, and athletes empower their fitness results. 

How Does the Best Push Sled Work?

best push sled

Here's where the XPO Trainer 2 comes in. The Best Push Sled offers a full-body workout indoors or out. Despite its intense workout capabilities, just about anyone can use an XPO Trainer.

The more resistance you put into it through natural motions like walking, running, or pushing, the more intense the results. If your clients are new to working out, they can go slower to work up stamina and full-body strength. And if you train pro athletes, they can get in an incredible workout by pushing faster.

Will the XPO Trainer 2 Damage My Gym Floors?

No! Many trainers, gym owners, and fitness business owners use our push sleds for their clients. We designed the XPO Trainer to glide across your floors on wheels, and it won't scrape or damage your floors, driveway and offers a quiet workout experience. 

Is the Best Push Sled Portable?

Absolutely. We understand that your fitness business is more than static machines and workouts. Give your clients the best experience possible with an indoor or outdoor workout. Whether you want to run a boot camp in a park or attract more clients to your gym, they'll love the results and experience on our XPO Trainer 2. 

We wanted our XPO Trainer 2 to be different than anything else on the market, so we designed it for easy portability. It's simple to remove the handles and quickly transport outdoors, on vacation, or anywhere you want to work out. 

What Can You Do On the Best Push Sled 

best push sledThe best push sled may look unassuming when you first put it together. Not everyone is familiar with them, and their lack of weights may make your clients wonder if they're challenging enough to get results.
Our XPO Trainer 2 is designed to target glutes, hip flexors, calves, triceps, chest, shoulders, hamstrings, core, and quads for a full-body workout that anyone can benefit from.

The Best Push Reviews

"Every gym should have these. Not only does it give my legs a great workout but also my arms and core. It works the entire body. I love love love finishing my day with this in my workout." - Brenda Keels

"1) t's a great tool for building work capacity. The accommodating resistance allows me to train all of the energy systems.

2) I can train any age demographic - young, old, or in between.

3) There is no eccentric load, so it is terrific for recovery sessions. Blood is pumped to the legs and torso flushing out metabolic by­products.

4) Folks with knee pain that can not squat, lunge, or step up can train their legs effectively while they build back up to traditional movements.

5) Older athletes with orthopedic issues can successfully condition with weight­ bearing activity.

6) General warm­ups. Anything from 5­-15 minutes is ideal for elevating core temperature." - Michael Rutherford aka "Coach Rut"

Ready to Try a Push Sled for Your Gym?

While your competitors are offering the same experience as everyone else, your clients will love the innovative design and powerful results of the best push sled on the market.

Ready to try one for yourself or your business? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your fitness results.