Weight Sled With Wheels

A Weight Sled with Wheels is more than a piece of exercise equipment; it offers a comprehensive, full-body workout that's appropriate for multiple fitness levels. Traditional sleds are difficult to push and can damage grass, pavement, or your gym floor. However, the difficulty level doesn't necessarily mean the workout is more intense or gets better results. We broke the mold and designed our XPO Trainers to be easy to use while intensifying your training as you work harder. The more power you put into pushing our weight sled with wheels, the more intense your workout and results.

How Do Weight Sled with Wheels Work?

A weight sled with wheels is surprisingly easy to use while still seeing impressive results. The sled relies on your full-body strength and natural momentum to empower your workout. You can use a walking stride to get started and feel the effects the faster you push. The unique eXPOnential resistance curve of our weight sleds makes them appropriate for beginners and pros. You can add weights for some traction if desired, but you don't need them to get in a power-packed workout.  

Many clinics and rehabilitation centers also use our XPO Trainers for their patients who can start at their current ability and fitness level. Because our sleds rely on your body's momentum, they won't slide away or keep you from recovering your balance during your workout. 

What Kind of Workout Do You Get from a Sled?

A weight sled with wheels may not look as impressive as some gym equipment but deliver powerful results. The XPO Trainer targets glutes, hip flexors, calves, triceps, chest, shoulders, hamstrings, core, and quads.

Our weight sled with wheels is also an innovative, collaborative way to work out. Pack it up by removing the handles and take it to a friend's or your favorite park. Get ambitious and work out with your accountability buddy to increase your odds of sticking to your goals while having fun in the process. The mobility, ease, and impact of using our weight sled with wheels also help you stay consistent and keep your momentum going.

Weight Sled with Wheels Reviews

"I bought this originally for my 16-year-old son as a tool to improve his speed and acceleration in soccer. I have found it tremendously useful for my fitness as 50-year-old. It has not been stressful on my joints or back, which have some wear and tear. I'm especially happy that I purchased this before the pandemic." - Leroy Fellows

"I learned I had a degenerative meniscus tear recently. Rebab in the pool is improving my knee situation, but at the same time, I'm using the XPO Trainer to get a great cardio workout. It's easy on the knee and helps me burn more calories than swimming. I'm happy to own it. Customer service is great. I had overinflated a tire, and they sent out a new one for cheap very quickly. The XPO doesn't take much space so I can store it in my closet and use it in the parking lot in an urban area. Fits my situation and needs very well." - Adam V.

"This sled works great. The harder you push, the harder it gets. Love the quiet functionality compared to other sleds, very ideal for working out at home. Setup was easy, customer support is awesome." - John B.

Ready to Try a Weight Sled with Wheels?

Weight sled with wheels positively impacts your fitness goals with a full-body workout that you can scale as you build strength. They're easy to use, are portable, and appropriate for different fitness levels. Add them to your gym or home workout area for a convenient way to get fit. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.