Fitness Equipment On Wheels

When you're trying to attract and retain new customers to your gym, it's not just about the aesthetics and classes you offer; the equipment can also make or break the workout experience. Stocking up your gym with the same equipment as everyone else, like treadmills and stationary bikes, also doesn't do much to stand-out from the competition. Instead, Fitness Equipment on Wheels, like our XPO Trainer, is a game-changer for a full-body workout that gets results. 

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Who Uses Fitness Equipment On Wheels?

If you struggle to accommodate multiple clients in a boot camp business, you're in luck. Fitness equipment on wheels accommodates people of various fitness levels. Some of our clients include elite athletes, coaches, personal trainers, gym owners, and people brand new to working out and want to optimize their fitness. Fitness equipment on wheels also makes your fitness business portable and enables you to travel to clients. In today's current climate where how we do business has rapidly evolved, it's more important than ever to get innovative to accommodate customers and compete in a saturated marketplace.  

How Does Fitness Equipment On Wheels Work?

If you've ever used traditional push sleds, you'll know how awkward they often are. Without wheels to glide against the floor, they tend to damage your space and outdoors. It's also common for them to take up space and sit out for months because they're so difficult to transport. 

The wheels are a cornerstone feature of what makes our XPO Trainers unique. We leveraged the wheels to design our trainers to work on an exponential fitness curve, so the more momentum you put into it, the better your results. Whether you're an athlete or brand new to fitness, our XPO Trainers accommodate your fitness level. 

The exponential resistance curve also means our XPO Trainers may be appropriate for people with disabilities and recovering from injuries. Our fitness equipment on wheels won't overtax you, cause injury, or roll away and leave you feeling vulnerable. However, if you are recovering from an injury, it's always recommended to check in with your doctor or rehabilitation specialist on any new workout routine.

Why Should I Use Fitness Equipment On Wheels?

Fitness equipment on wheels is an investment in your health or fitness business. However, our XPO Trainers also stand out at your gym for their full-body workout capabilities. Instead of cycling through gym equipment, our trainers burn calories and target multiple muscles for an intense, full-body workout that works with your natural momentum. Here are some of the muscle groups our sled push exercise machine targets: 

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hip flexors
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Core
  • Triceps
  • Chest
  • Shoulders

Fitness Equipment On Wheels Reviews

"For me the best feature of the XPO trainer is that you can use it on any floor and not mess up the floor. Our gym floors are rubber which is no good for your typical sled. I also love that the resistance picks up as you do." - Katelyn Grady

"This was a true must-have for our fitness studio. Besides being an overall great and challenging workout, the fact that it doesn’t mark up the driveway like other push sleds was huge. As much as our clients dread when we set this up on the back parking lot hill (lol), they know it’ll only make them a better athlete! We gladly give this a 5-star rating!" - Paul Cortese 

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Ready to Upgrade Your Traditional Sled?

Fitness equipment on wheels helps you get in shape and transforms your clients' fitness goals. Ready to try one for your home or gym? Browse our entire line of products and our XPO Trainers today to transform your physique or help your clients get into incredible shape.