Home Exercise Equipment

Home workouts were already on the rise but became the mainstream go-to during the pandemic. Whether you're not ready to return to the gym or prefer the convenience of getting fit on your own property, Home Exercise Equipment can empower your goals. Our XPO Trainer offers a full-body, challenging workout that's suitable for beginners and pros.

How Does a Weight Sled Work?

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It's not uncommon for people to sacrifice the challenging workout they get at the gym for the convenience of getting fit at home. However, our XPO Trainers leverage the traditional weight sled with innovative updates that supercharges your workout. Use it in a walking stance and push faster to increase the resistance.

The XPO Trainers unique eXPOnentional resistance curve makes it appropriate for pro athletes, newcomers to fitness, and those recovering from injuries. Some of our clients include rehabilitation centers and hospitals that use the XPO Trainer with their patients. If you're recovering from an injury, check with your doctor before starting a new workout. 

One of the major benefits of our home exercise equipment is how versatile it is to use and incorporate into your daily lifestyle. When a family purchases an XPO Trainer, kids to parents and grandparents can all use it to see results while aligning with their current physical ability. You can purchase one piece of home exercise equipment for everyone in your household and still see results. 

Is Home Exercise Equipment Effective?

Not all home exercise equipment is created equally and should offer a proven track record for results. Although no one can promise how a piece of equipment will work for you, it's essential to focus on strength-building and full-body results. Our XPO Trainer targets glutes, hip flexors, calves, triceps, chest, shoulders, hamstrings, core, and quads.

Most home exercise equipment also isn't portable. It often sits stationary in a windowless basement, even if it's a gorgeous afternoon. The XPO Trainer easily transports indoors to out and can pack up to take on the road. The versatility offers more options when you want to work out with an accountability buddy or take it with you on vacation.

XPO Trainers Reviews

"I purchased my XPO Trainer 2.0 for my home gym and have had it for going on two years now. It's used by everyone, including my two girls (3 and 5). We use it on our sidewalk and the street in front of our house, and it is a killer workout. It is built like a tank and is holding up perfectly."

"This XPO push sled is amazing. My wife thought I was crazy when she saw it. I had her try it once, and she fell in love with it. The sled is durable and well built. The faster you push it, the more resistance it gives. Great endurance product. I know it was pricey but well worth my money."

"I love the workout you get from the XPO Trainer - it's a great tool whether you're rehabbing an injury or training for high-level sports. It works well on all surfaces, doesn't require a big stack of plates, and is super easy to store. The construction is very solid (and cool if you're into the engineering aspects), and their customer service is exceptional! Definitely a piece of equipment the whole family can use and benefit from."

Ready to Try Our Home Exercise Equipment?

You don't need to sacrifice a challenging workout for the convenience of getting fit at home. Skip the gym and turn to your XPO Trainer to build strength and endurance. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.