Indoor Weight Sled

An Indoor Weight Sled is a powerful way to exercise and get full-body results with one piece of equipment. You may have already seen weight sleds on football fields and outside of gyms for boot camps. Although they can bring new challenges to an outdoor workout, they're also ideal for your home, gym, or fitness business. 

Indoor Weight Sled

How Many Weights Should I Use?

Some indoor weight sleds require multiple weights to increase the challenge of your workout. However, the XPO Trainer works with an eXPOnential fitness curve. If you want to work out harder, you increase your momentum to get your desired results. Start out in a walking position while holding the handles and push harder to feel the burn. You can use weights with our XPO Trainers, but they only help with traction against the ground or your floors. 

Will An Indoor Weight Sled Damage My Floors?

Some indoor weight sleds require heavy force to move to challenge your workout. We designed our XPO Trainers to glide effortlessly across almost any surface indoors or out. Some of our customers are rehabilitation centers. Meanwhile, gyms love that our weight sleds don't scuff or damage their floors. Best of all, our XPO Trainers are silent and won't disturb your neighbors or the people working out next to you.

Are Weight Sleds Hard to Use?

Indoor weight sleds aren't tricky to use and offer a full-body workout. You'll feel it in your legs, core, arms, shoulders, glutes, and more. Elite athletes and pro coaches use our trainers. Yet the eXPOnentional fitness curve makes it safe for people recovering from injuries or in physical rehabilitation.

You should always check with your doctor if you  have an injury. Our XPO Trainers adapt to your fitness level, but if you need to go slow and work up your momentum, you can do that too. The XPO Trainer adjusts with the energy you put into your workout as you gain strength.

If you own a gym, whether or not an indoor weight sled is hard to use may depend on where you want to move it. You can lightly push it outside and back in without difficulty, provided you are pushing it gently. We also made our XPO Trainers for mobility, so you can take off the handles and take them with you when needed. 

Indoor Weight Sled

Indoor Weight Sled Reviews

Learn more about our indoor weight sleds directly from our customers. 

"We absolutely love our XPO sled! My husband and I like to work out together, and we really like that we can swap between using this without having to switch out a bunch of weight plates or anything like that - the exponential resistance is truly amazing."

"For me, the best feature of the XPO trainer is that you can use it on any floor and not mess up the floor. Our gym floors are rubber which is no good for your typical sled. I also love that the resistance picks up as you do."

"My personal trainer, Fit Boss at Breaking Bars in Manning, SC, has recently added the XPO training in with his clients. I find it to be an excellent tool in his arsenal of workouts. I find myself using the XPO more often than not! Great way to get a workout outdoors (or indoors)! The XPO is Versatile and can be easily stored without taking up much space."

Ready to Try an XPO Trainer?

An indoor weight sled with wheels is ideal for your home, gym, or rehab center. They're adaptable for a wide range of fitness levels and are easily portable to take them anywhere. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.