Outdoor Gym Equipment for Home

Working out at home was already a mainstream option before the pandemic but is now the preferred method for fitness. Research shows that nine in ten Americans who exercise regularly say they will continue at-home workouts even after they feel comfortable returning to the gym. However, you need an at-home set-up that delivers results. Instead of relying on the same generic machinery and accessories, Outdoor Gym Equipment for Home use is also an option to mix up your routine and get some fresh air.

Rain or shine, our XPO Trainer offers a full-body workout without leaving your property. You can use them inside or out, and continue challenging your body without hitting a fitness plateau. Our push sleds are created with an eXPOnential fitness curve that gets more challenging as your momentum and effort increases.

outdoor gym equipment for home

How Do You Use an XPO Trainer?

You may have seen a traditional push sled sitting around outside- damaging the grass or concrete. Workout sleds are often difficult to use and offer limited mobility to move them to different areas. Our outdoor gym equipment for home use features convenient wheels that make it easy to move from your garage to the yard or pack up to take to the park. Our push sleds also glide easily against your grass or driveway without damaging your surfaces or compromising the intensity of your workout.

This outdoor gym equipment for home is easy for just about anyone to use. To start, take a natural stance, like when you're walking, and start pushing the trainer while holding onto the handles. That's all you need to do to get started with our push sleds, but don't mistake the ease of use with an easy workout. Our XPO Trainers work as hard as you do, and everyone from beginners to elite athletes see results with our products.

Why Exercise Outdoors?

Exercising outdoors isn't just for pro athletes and boot camp enthusiasts. More people are adopting an outdoor fitness lifestyle and reaping additional health benefits. Studies show that physical activities outdoors can lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress. Working out on varied terrain can also keep your body more challenged than on a flat, indoor surface.

There's also a sense of mental relief when connecting with the great outdoors. Studies show that connecting with nature can make you feel centered and less anxious and could even improve your self-esteem. Couple those benefits with fitness, and you're likely to feel a greater sense of well-being and an enjoyable workout that feels refreshing compared to staying indoors.

outdoor gym equipment for home

XPO Trainer Testimonials

"I love that my entire family can use it without adding or subtracting weight depending on who is using it. It's nice and quiet too!"

"I learned I had a degenerative meniscus tear recently. Rebab in the pool is improving my knee situation, but at the same time, I'm using the XPO Trainer to get a great cardio workout. It's easy on the knee and helps me burn more calories than swimming. I'm happy to own it. Customer service is great. I had overinflated a tire, and they sent out a new one for cheap very quickly. The XPO doesn't take much space, so I can store it in my closet and use it in the parking lot in an urban area. Fits my situation and needs very well."

Ready to Try Our Outdoor Gym Equipment for Home Use?

Your next workout doesn't have to be complicated or an endless circuit of gym equipment while stuck indoors. Our outdoor gym equipment for home focuses on a full-body impact for a cardio and strength-building routine that earns results. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Trainer today.