8 Reasons to Invest in an Outdoor Sled with Wheels for Your Gym

Retaining gym members can get tricky as competition in your market heats up and New Year's resolutions have tapered off. Give your members a reason to keep coming back for more with the impressive results that an outdoor sled with wheels offers. Here are eight reasons to make the investment. 

1) Give Your Members a New Challenge

Boredom can be an issue for fitness businesses and could lead to injuries. Research shows that when you get bored with a fitness routine, it's easy to skip workouts, take shortcuts, skip the stretching, and experience injury. 

An Outdoor Sled with Wheels offers unique challenges for members looking to increase their results. Our XPO Trainers are easy to move with little effort. Yet once you push harder and put some momentum behind it, they're incredibly challenging to use. This exponential curve offers a new experience that works multiple areas of the body and never gets boring. 

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2) Offer a Full-Body Workout

Some people thrive on the variety of doing a circuit around the gym. Others get distracted by the volume of equipment, or don't understand how to create a full-body workout for themselves.

Mix up their routine by taking it outdoors. Our outdoor sled with wheels works your core, legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and more for comprehensive training. Your gym members can just use our sleds to feel the full-body results. 

You can add weights to our sleds for traction and make them easier to use on slick surfaces. Or you can skip them altogether—they don't make the workout any more challenging. 

3) Protect Your Driveway and Grass

Traditional sleds are challenging to move from one area of a gym or outdoor space to another. They usually scrape up surfaces and lead to damaged floors, driveways, and grass. Our XPO trainers were designed with wheels for a unique workout and to make it easier for gyms. Our outdoor sled with wheels glides across almost the surface with ease. 

4) Cater to a Variety of Fitness Levels

It's not always easy to curate the gym experience for different fitness levels. Multiple machines, weights, outdoor bootcamps, and group classes are needed to attract newcomers to seasoned pros. XPO Trainers are used by people recovering from injuries in rehabilitation centers as pro athletes and coaches. The eXPOnentional fitness curve adapts to your physical ability and is ready to challenge you when you can put more force into it.

5) Keep It Mobile

If you offer outdoor boot camps or corporate fitness sessions, you already know it's not easy to find mobile and powerful equipment at the same time. Our outdoor sled with wheels quickly moves from location to location. Remove the handles, pack it up in a van, and you're ready to take it on the road. 

6) Stand-Out from the Competition

If your competitors offer an outdoor sled with wheels, they are likely relying on the traditional equipment that athletes push across a field. These can be frustrating to use, are often dreaded by gym-goers, and are likely to sit in the corner of their gym or outdoor space. The innovative design behind XPO Trainers offers a rewarding workout experience.

7) Easy to Store

Gym equipment isn't always simple to store, especially if it's a piece of heavy, static equipment. Our XPO Trainers are easy to break down or glide over to an unused corner of your gym. You can get them out when you're ready for a Bootcamp or after a group class. 

8) Cost-Effective

How much do you invest in gym equipment to create versatility and a full-body workout? In comparison, XPO Trainers are highly cost-effective for how much power they pack into fitness. 

Outdoor Sled with Wheels Reviews

Hear more about our XPO Trainers from fitness trainers and gym owners:

"For me the best feature of the XPO trainer is that you can use it on any floor and not mess up the floor. Our gym floors are rubber which is no good for your typical sled. I also love that the resistance picks up as you do." - Katelyn Grady

"This was a true must-have for our fitness studio. Besides being an overall great and challenging workout, the fact that it doesn’t mark up the driveway like other push sleds was huge. As much as our clients dread when we set this up on the back parking lot hill (lol), they know it’ll only make them a better athlete! We gladly give this a 5-star rating!"

Ready to Try an XPO Trainer?

An outdoor sled with wheels is an ideal addition for your gym or fitness business. They're adaptable, satisfying, and easy to use. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.