Professional Fitness Equipment On Wheels

When it comes to working out, it's tempting to think we can do it all on our own and skip the pro gear. Although moving your body and getting in daily activity is essential to good health, it doesn't replace the need for fitness equipment designed to safely target your muscles for an optimal workout that earns results. Ready to kickstart your fitness journey with our Professional Fitness Equipment on Wheels? Here's how it works.

Why Do You Need Professional Fitness Equipment?

Whether you use professional fitness equipment on wheels or other machines, you're more likely to retain control. Our bodies get overtired during extreme exercise and could lead to unintentional injury. Gym machines can help you get in a safer workout; however, it's not fail-proof. You can still overwork yourself when lifting weights, on the treadmill, and other machines on your regular circuit.

Turn to our XPO Trainer for an effective and challenging workout that uses your own natural momentum. Our unique eXPOnential resistance curve puts in as much effort as you do, making it easy to scale your training up or down depending on your fitness levels and goals.  

How is Our XPO Trainer Unique?

The eXPOnential resistance curve of our XPO Trainer is just one of its many features to help you improve your results. Unlike a traditional push sled, it offers a nearly silent operation with wheels that glide against your gym floor, concrete, or grass. It's also easy to remove the handles and pack it all up to take with you on the road. Everyone from pro athletes to those recovering from injuries uses our XPO Trainer to optimize their individual fitness levels safely. 

What Muscles Does a Professional Fitness Equipment On Wheels Target?

Professional fitness equipment on wheels provides a full-body workout that's challenging to find with other machines. Our XPO Trainer targets your shoulders, glutes, triceps, hip flexors, abdominals, quadriceps, and more. Unlike other gym equipment, the XPO Trainer targets different muscle groups at the same time and eliminates the need for excess equipment. Beyond building more muscle mass, you can also increase your strength, stamina, and cardio quota for a satisfying workout. Read more about how our XPO Trainer transforms your results at the gym or home.

Professional Fitness Equipment On Wheels Testimonials

"I bought this originally for my 16-year-old son as a tool to improve his speed and acceleration in soccer. I have found it tremendously useful for my fitness as a 50-year-old. It has not been stressful on my joints or back, which have some wear and tear. I'm especially happy that I purchased this before the pandemic."

"We absolutely love our XPO sled! My husband and I like to work out together, and we really like that we can swap between using this without having to switch out a bunch of weight plates or anything like that - the exponential resistance is truly amazing."

"I bought my XPO trainer at the start of Spring and use it multiple times weekly. It has quickly become my favorite exercise in my routine. I have seen great strides in my strength, endurance, and speed in just a few short months. An absolutely incredible piece of machinery."

Empower Your Next Workout with an XPO Trainer

Ready to try an XPO Trainer for yourself? Skip the dozens of machines and get in a comprehensive, power-packed workout with our professional fitness equipment on wheels. Browse our entire collection today.