Professional Push Trainer

Professional push sleds are ideal for gyms, professional athletes, and coaches, however, budding fitness enthusiasts can also work out like a pro. Push sleds work  as hard as you do, making them appropriate for people at a wide variety of fitness levels.

How Do You Use a Professional Push Trainer?

You may have seen a Professional Push Trainer sitting on grass or your gym's floors, which can easily damage surfaces. Our XPO Trainer features wheels to easily slide across most surfaces while working out. However, the wheels don't make your workout easier and instead work with your natural momentum. The XPO Trainer is the only sled ever made that gets eXPOnentially harder to push as you go faster.  

Regardless of your fitness goals, you should use the same basic form when using a professional push sled unless your personal trainer or a medical professional advises otherwise. Stay low, maintain a neutral spine, and power the sled by driving your legs forward. Try holding the handles of the push sled high and slightly bend your elbows. You can extend your arms for a challenging workout as you become more comfortable. 

Our XPO Trainers are also used in rehabilitation clinics and people recovering from injuries. You should always follow your medical practitioner's advice before beginning a challenging workout. However, our professional push sled trainers adjust to your momentum and won't overwhelm your efforts for a safe experience. 

What Muscles Does a Professional Push Trainer Sled Target?

A professional push trainer is an investment in your fitness goals and could be the only equipment you'll ever need. Our XPO Trainer offers a full-body workout that focuses on major muscle groups, including shoulders, quadriceps, glutes, chest, calves, triceps, abdominal, and hip flexors. You can also use a professional push trainer for a serious calorie burn or build more strength and stamina. Read more about how a sled can transform your results at the gym or home.

How is an XPO Trainer Different Than Other Push Sleds?

Beyond using an eXPOnential resistance curve, XPO Trainers offer unique benefits, including how satisfying they are to use. Their wheels offer a nearly silent operation, and the handles can quickly be removed. Pack up your XPO Trainer and take it to a bootcamp or the park. Its effectiveness and suitability for so many fitness levels, including athletes and rehabilitation patients, make it a win for almost everyone. 

Professional Push Trainer Testimonials

Professional Push Trainer"The XPO trainer is an amazing piece of gear to go along with my three-day-a-week barbell training. It gives me all the opportunities I need for conditioning without soreness and without degrading my strength work. Customer service is awesome, too!" - Josh

"I love the workout you get from the XPO Trainer - it's a great tool whether you're rehabbing an injury or training for high-level sports. It works well on all surfaces, doesn't require a big stack of plates, and is super easy to store. The construction is very solid (and cool if you're into the engineering aspects), and their customer service is exceptional! Definitely a piece of equipment the whole family can use and benefit from." - Nick

"I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my fiancé, and she loves it. This sled gets used just about every day, several times a day for training sessions she holds and has held up like it's new out of the box! Her clients and rugby teammates love it. I honestly think this has added so much value to the training sessions she holds." - Tasha Rodriguez

Ready to Give Your Workout an Upgrade?

Your next workout doesn't have to be complicated or an endless circuit of gym equipment. A professional push trainer focuses on full-body results for a cardio and strength-building routine for you or your clients. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled today.