Professional Sled Workout Equipment

Professional Sled Workout Equipment offers a full-body workout without the need for multiple fitness machines. Sleds have been used by pro athletes and coaches for years but are becoming a mainstream option for fitness centers and at-home use. Sleds are also appropriate for a wide range of fitness levels, making them an ideal way to help your clients get fit and offer a new challenge at your fitness business. 

How Do You Use Professional Sled Workout Equipment?

Professional Sled Workout EquipmentUnlike traditional sleds, our professional sled workout equipment glides easily against surfaces and won't damage your floors. The wheels on the XPO Trainer are durable and help keep your sled portable. However, our trainers get eXPOnentially harder to push as you go faster. Whether you're training a beginner or a pro athlete, our XPO Trainer adapts to all fitness levels. 

The momentum curve also makes it nearly impossible to lose control of the sled. Many clinics use our XPO Trainers to assist patients with their recovery efforts. The exponential curve also makes our professional sled workout equipment appropriate for rehabilitation settings. However, if you're suffering from an injury, you should speak to your medical provider before starting any new workout. 

What Does Professional Sled Workout Equipment Do?

Workout sleds are known for offering a full-body workout focusing on major muscle groups, including shoulders, quadriceps, glutes, chest, calves, triceps, abdominal, hips, and more. Fitness clients may dread the sled for its challenge but love the high-impact calorie burn and comprehensive activity. You can read more about how professional sled workout equipment can transform your results at the gym or home.

How is an XPO Trainer Unique?

Beyond using an eXPOnential resistance curve, XPO Trainers offer unique benefits, including how satisfying they are to use. The wheels make operating our professional sled workout equipment nearly silent, glide easily and help your clients scale their results. You can also use our trainers for outdoor bootcamps and to give your clients new challenges. They're also portable enough to pack-up and transport to your clients for a workout in their own space. 

Professional Sled Workout Equipment Testimonials

Professional Sled Workout EquipmentLearn more about our workout sleds directly from our customers:

"The XPO Trainer has changed the way we can program our high school speed and agility sessions. Our athletes love the challenge, and I love the versatility. It's a brilliant idea, and a great product!" - Preston Pedersen, M.S.Ed, Mustang Strength & Conditioning Coach

"I've been using this sled for about a month, and it's an amazing conditioning tool that works the posterior chain while increasing baseline work capacity. It will humble you! The sled is SO easy to use without much instruction that I can get clients going on it right away - walking, running, sprinting, pulling. I found it to be a terrific workout for my time. The XPO Sled is my favorite workout toy! Do your homework and make the move! You won't regret it." - Eva Twardokens, Weightlifting Champion, U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

"This was a true must-have for our fitness studio. Besides being an overall great and challenging workout, the fact that it doesn’t mark up the driveway like other push sleds was huge. As much as our clients dread when we set this up on the back parking lot hill (lol), they know it’ll only make them a better athlete! We gladly give this a 5-star rating." - Paul Cortese

Ready to Try Professional Sled Workout Equipment for Your Gym?

Give your clients a reason to keep coming back to your gym or boot camp with professional sled workout equipment focusing on cardio and strength-building. Ready to try one for your fitness business? Browse our products and the XPO Sled today.