Professional Sleds With Wheels

If you're accustomed to traditional sleds in your gym or athletic field, you already know they can be highly effective but also challenging to use. They often damage surfaces and grass, are cumbersome to move to another location and don't adapt to every client or athlete's endurance and skill level. Instead, turn your focus to Professional Sleds with Wheels to power your fitness programs. However, not all fitness sleds are created equally. Learn more about how they work and help your clients see results. 

Professional Sleds With Wheels

How Are Our Professional Sleds with Wheels Unique?

Our XPO Trainers leverage an eXPOnential resistance curve to adapt to just about any fitness level. The harder you push, the harder it works which makes it appropriate for everyone from fitness newcomers to elite athletes looking to build endurance and strength. Our sleds also utilize the natural movement of walking, running, and pushing. The wheels on our XPO Trainers give it a nearly silent operation and make it safe to glide across your grass and gym surfaces. If you run a portable business and come to your clients, you can easily remove the handles and pack it all up with you to take on the road. 

What Kind of Workout Does Our XPO Trainer Offer?

Unlike other gym equipment on the market, our professional push sleds with wheels offer functional, full-body exercise for powerful results. Your clients can expect to feel it in their quads, hips, calves, core, chest, triceps, shoulders, and more. Most fitness sleds rely on added weights to improve the results and make it harder to push. However, our XPO Trainers rely on an eXPOnential curve to pack in a challenging workout. Weights can also be added for traction on slick surfaces, but don't change the difficulty of your exercise.

Despite how much power you can put into a workout with our XPO Trainers, they can also be used by people with disabilities. The resistance curve makes it easy to stay in control of the sled and go at your own pace without overtaxing yourself in the process.

Professional Sleds With Wheels - Armored Fitness

Professional Fitness Equipment On Wheels Testimonials

Learn more about our professional sleds with wheels directly from our customers:

"This trainer is everything and more. If you are looking for a sweat session to accompany a leg/cardio workout, you need this in your regimen. We have used this in so many ways, as well as for training on the new Army ACFT! You can't go wrong with this as a new item in your gym!"

"Every gym should have these. Not only does it give my legs a great workout, but also my arms and core. It works the entire body. I love love love finishing my day with this in my workout."

"The XPO Trainer is such a great tool for a total body workout. We use them at my CrossFit gym, and every time we show up, and they are outside, we know we're in for a great workout. My favorite thing about the XPO is the harder you push, the harder it is to push- it makes for a great workout in a short amount of time. One 50m sprint, and your heart rate is through the roof! Love using it for HIIT workouts, partner workouts, etc. It is great because you don't have to change weights between athletes- anyone can push it with the same bumper plate and get a great workout! Compares to the Assault bike in both dread ;-) and quality workouts! Highly recommend for any CrossFit gym or home gym!!"

Level Up Your Workout with an XPO Trainer

Improve your line of professional equipment and give your clients more options with our XPO Trainer. Almost anyone can use our professional sleds with wheels and are designed to get results. Ready to take the next step for your fitness business? Browse our entire collection today.