Push-Pull Workout Sled

Are you feeling tired and bored with your fitness routine? You're not alone. Traditional gym exercises can leave you uninspired and you're more likely to skip workouts. With a Push-Pull Workout Sled, you get an intense full-body workout with no need to switch between machines and dumbbells.

Adding this into your fitness routine will not only help you get more results but also give you a break from the boring weight-lifting and cardio routine.

Push-Pull Workout Sled

Who Can Use a Push-Pull Workout Sled?

Anyone can use it, regardless of age or fitness level. Our XPO Trainers are great from those who have knee problems or are recovering from an injury to elite athletes testing their limits. The push-pull workout sled adapts to your fitness level, the harder you push, the more challenging it gets.

The great thing about the Push-Pull Workout Sled is that it allows you to train with high intensity without damaging your body the way heavy barbells do. If you've had shoulder problems in the past, for example, traditional weightlifting isn't always an option. With our XPO Trainers, you can still get the workout intensity you want without pain or huge risks of injury.

Designed to be Used Anywhere

While other types of exercise equipment often require you to stay in one place, the Push-Pull Workout Sled allows you to move around with freedom. This means you can take it outdoors for a fun workout in the sun with your friends or inside on rainy days to get your sweat on.

Classic sleds are large and difficult to move from one place to another, that's why our XPO Trainers are designed to be versatile and easy to set up, without having to worry about damaging your garage floor or driveway. You can gently remove the handles and you're good to take it wherever you want to perform your workout.

Try the XPO Trainer for a Push-Pull Workout

Is It Better Than Other Forms of Exercise?

There are tons of different methods of working out, and most forms of exercise aim to burn calories and build muscle. However, exercises that use the body's own resistance can help individuals avoid injuries while encouraging the body to adjust to a new routine.

The Push-Pull Workout Sled does not require much technique or skill. It can be used at varying intensities depending on what type of training you want to do. The eXPOnential resistance curve adapts to your physical needs and it'll challenge you to force harder, building mental toughness. One key factor to using our XPO Trainers successfully is understanding why it's important. Gym members and personal trainers use Push-Pull Workout Sled as part of their functional training workouts because they realize that it gives them the ability to fully work their bodies in every direction possible. Also, you can create and combine exercises with kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells for a more challenging workout.

Push-Pull Workout Sled Reviews

See what our customers are saying about the XPO Trainer:

“The XPO Trainer is an amazing piece of gear to go along with my three-day-a-week barbell training. Gives me all the opportunities I need for conditioning without soreness and without degrading my strength work. Customer service is awesome, too!”

"I learned I had a degenerative meniscus tear recently. Rebab in the pool is improving my knee situation but at the same time I'm using the XPO Trainer to get a great cardio workout. It's easy on the knee and helps me burn more calories than swimming. I'm happy to own it. The XPO doesn't take much space so I can store it in my closet and use it in the parking lot in an urban area. Fits my situation and needs very well."

"I love that my entire family can use it without adding or subtracting weight depending on who is using it. It’s nice and quiet too!"


Take your fitness to the next level with a Push-Pull Workout Sled

The Push-Pull Workout Sled is an effective and versatile piece of exercise equipment. Its ease of use, versatility, and accessibility make it a valuable addition to any home gym or workout facility. Click here to learn more about our collection of products and get your XPO Trainer today.