QTown CrossFit and XPO Trainers

XPO Trainers are used by beginners, professional coaches, and former athletes. We asked for feedback from some of our clients, like QTown CrossFit in Quincy, Illinois, about their power sleds and their impact on their gym members and business. Here's what they shared, plus more insights from our clients and how to use your own XPO Trainer.

QTown CrossFit Coaches

QTown CrossfitFounded in 2012, QTown CrossFit is owned by a former professional soccer player Jennifer Nobis-Dancer and Professional fitness athlete, an international CrossFit coach, and former D1 football player Sam Dancer. Both owners are Quincy locals and wanted to open a gym that focuses on fitness-related problems and specializes in working with adaptive athletes. 

Sam wanted an XPO Trainer for its range and versatility. There's no need to add extra weights, making it a more accessible and intuitive machine for gym members. 

The machine increases resistance, making it easy to adapt to a variety of fitness enthusiasts. Sam also credits the wheels as a space-saving functionality. "The sled rolls so there is no noise pollution added to your space and the resistance. It builds exponentially! The harder and faster you push, the more it pushes back."

Why Athletes Recommend XPO Trainers

QTown CrossfitBeing a former football athlete, I'm used to having sleds in my training programs. So when I became a trainer, I was on the hunt for a quality sled with some versatility (a push sled with wheels definitely offers versatility!). The first time I pushed the XPO, I was highly surprised at the resistance. It was challenging and increased the harder I pushed. I knew then it was a keeper."

In addition to counting QTown CrossFit as a client, we're also honored to have former pro athletes in our corner. Fitness and Athletic Development Coach Steven Wesley, NASM PT of New Level Sports Performance, saw his pro career cut short due to knee injuries in Weston, Florida. As a former football athlete, Steven was already using sleds in his training programs. When he became a trainer, he started hunting for a quality push sled trainer with some flexibility. "The first time I pushed the XPO, I was highly surprised at the resistance. It was challenging and increased the harder I pushed. I knew then it was a keeper."

How XPO Trainers Are Different than Other Sleds

Steven loves the XPO Trainer because it allows creativity with his clients through its built-in resistance and the wheels allowing for all types of surfaces. "My clients of all ages are surprised when they push it for the first time without any weight and realize it's built tough!"

XPO Trainers Ease of Use 

QTown CrossfitBeyond QTown CrossFit and coach Steven Wesley, XPO Trainer coaches appreciate the ease of transportation as a critical feature. Whether you own a mobile gym, brick and mortar business, or boot camp business, XPO Trainers make it easy to transport and store.

What Parts Of My Body Does a Trainer Sled Work?

Our XPO Trainers play a significant impact on your major muscle groups, including:

  • Shoulders
  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Chest
  • Calves
  • Triceps
  • Abdominal
  • Hip flexors 

The XPO Trainer burns calories, challenges your muscles and helps you get into incredible shape. Read more about how a sled can transform your results at the gym or home.

Ready to Give Your Workout an Upgrade?

Just like QTown CrossFit, an XPO Trainer is a powerful addition to your gym or fitness business. It's also the only equipment you'll need if you're working out at home. You'll see results and get a rewarding activity. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your fitness journey.