Sled Push Exercise Machine

If you own a gym or fitness business, you already know the challenges of customer retention. Studies show that 90% of new gym-goers never make it past the 3-month mark before giving up and cancelling their membership. Reasons range from a busy schedule to lack of motivation and not getting the results they want.

Instead of watching customers walk out the door, get innovative with your gym equipment and training programs with the help of a Sled Push Exercise Machine. They offer a full-body workout, are fun to use, and get results. 

Sled Push Exercise Machine - Armored Fitness

Who Uses a Push Exercise Machine?

Sled push exercise machines are unique because of how many people at different fitness levels can effectively use them. Coaches and trainers of elite athletes, personal trainers, and budding fitness enthusiasts all use sled push exercise machines to build strength and muscle. However, push sleds can still be used by physical therapists and those undergoing rehabilitation or recovering from injury. 

How Does a Sled Push Exercise Machine Work?

Traditional push sleds are usually clunky, awkward, and can cause potential damage to floors and outdoor space. Our XPO Trainers come outfitted with wheels to glide smoothly across your gym floors or home fitness room. We also designed our XPO Trainers to work on an exponential fitness curve. The more momentum you put into it, the better your results. The curve also means the sled won't pull you over or slide away. If you stumble, it's easy to regain your footing and center of balance. There's simply nothing like our sled push exercise machines on the market that help so many people at different fitness levels.

However, the unique resistance and exponential resistance curve also means our XPO Trainers are appropriate for those with disabilities or during rehabilitation. They only work as hard as you do and don't push you past your fitness level. Of course, if you are recovering from an accident or injury, consult your doctor before undergoing any fitness routine.

What Muscle Groups Does the Sled Push Exercise Machine Target?

Most gym equipment targets just a few muscle groups, and you or your clients end up hopping off and on machines to get in a full-body workout. Although the varied exercise can help mix things up, you're stuck working out on an endless circuit of gym equipment.

Our XPO Trainers are different. They build strength, burn calories, and target multiple muscles for an intense, full-body workout that works with your natural momentum. Here are some of the muscle groups our sled push exercise machine targets. 

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hip flexors
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Core
  • Triceps
  • Chest
  • Shoulders

Sled Push Exercise Machine Reviews

"The XPO Trainer (We call her Black Betty) has been a fantastic addition to my personal training toolbox. The metabolic work that my clients get with Black Betty is "Next Level". Genuinely, one of my favorite tools in the gym. It's an amazing full-body activity that combines cardiovascular work with Hypertrophy. Personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, you can't go wrong with the XPO Trainer by Armored Fitness." - The Real Fit Boss, 2021 Armored Fitness Customer

Sled training is for everyone. I love this XPO Trainer - it has given us a bunch more options for our special population clients. And surprisingly, they love it too. A motor provides the resistance for the sled, so no need to change out weights between clients. Saves so much time and it's super quiet." - @kettlebellkimfox Kim Fox, Competitive Kettlebell Lifter and Fox Fitness Trainer 

Sled Push Exercise Machine - Armored Fitness

Ready to Upgrade Your Traditional Sled?

A sled push exercise machine offers a unique challenge that gets full-body results. Whether you're trying to get into shape or want to help clients realize their body's potential, our sleds help shatter fitness plateaus. Ready to try one for your home or gym? Browse our entire line of products and our XPO Trainers today to transform your physique or help your clients get into incredible shape.