Sled Workout Equipment

Man pushing Sled Workout EquipmentSled Workout Equipment was once reserved for serious athletes and bodybuilders. Today, it's a mainstream option to build muscle and crush your workout goals.

You don't need to be intimidated by sled workout equipment. It doesn't need a ton of muscle strength behind it or added weights.

The faster you push and the more momentum you put into it, the more challenging your training will feel. That's why a beginner or a pro can use sled workout equipment and go at the pace and challenge they're comfortable with. 

How Does Sled Workout Equipment Help Me?

Unlike other sled workout equipment, the XPO Trainer is the only sled ever made that gets exponentially harder as you push it faster and put more power into it. If you're familiar with various gym equipment, you'll find Sled Workout Equipment is similar to the Concept 2 Rower.

Which Muscles Does My Sled Workout Equipment Target?

Sled workout equipment is versatile, challenging, and fun to use. Our customers are astounded by all of the different muscle groups it impacts. Some of the areas you'll work are:

  • Shoulders
  • Quadriceps
  • Glutes
  • Chest
  • Calves
  • Triceps
  • Abdominal
  • Hip flexors 

Our favorite go-to XPO Sled workouts also burn calories to get you in great shape as quickly as possible. Read more about how a sled can transform your results at the gym or at home.

What Are the Benefits of Sled Workout Equipment?

Sled Workout Equipment is easy to use and gets harder as you put more momentum and power into it. It's also highly portable so you can transport it to a friend's house, on a road trip vacation, or take it to the park.

Unlike other sled workout equipment, our XPO Trainer won't damage or scratch your floors. We know how crucial a top-notch gym is for business owners and we stand behind our products. 

Our XPO Sled is also much quieter than traditional sled equipment that scrapes scrapes the concrete, making early morning workouts pleasant for your workout buddy and neighbors.

Who Can Use Sled Workout Equipment?

Sled Workout Equipment is used by a wide variety of fitness enthusiasts and professionals around the world. You'll find them used by personal trainers, CrossFit gyms, athletes, and every day people looking to get in better shape. Even people with disabilities have been known to safely use the XPO Trainer. 

Sled Workout Equipment and Trainer Testimonials

"I bought this originally for my 16 year old son as a tool to improve his speed and acceleration in soccer. I have found it tremendously useful for my fitness as a 50 year old. It has not been stressful on my joints or back which have some wear and tear. I’m especially happy that I purchased this before the pandemic." - Leroy Fellows

"I learned I had a degenerative meniscus tear recently. Rebab in the pool is improving my knee situation but at the same time I'm using the XPO Trainer to get a great cardio workout. It's easy on the knee and helps me burn more calories than swimming. I'm happy to own it. Customer service is great. I had overinflated a tire and they sent out a new one for cheap very quickly. The XPO doesn't take much space so I can store it in my closet and use it in the parking lot in an urban area. Fits my situation and needs very well." - Adam V

"I bought my XPO trainer at the start of Spring and use it multiple times a week. It has become my favorite part of my routine. My endurance speed and power have made great strides in just a few short months. I absolutely love this piece of equipment." - Doug Spray

Ready to Give Your Workout an Upgrade?

Enjoy an intense workout without the loud, clunky, and ineffective fitness devices and equipment. You'll see results and get a rewarding product with your new Sled Workout Equipment. Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.