Training Sled with Wheels

If you're feeling frustrated with your usual workout, a Training Sled with Wheels could transform your motivation and improve your results. Most of the intense workouts you've tried probably require multiple machines and strategies to get in the full-body exercise you want, but a sled targets various areas simultaneously. Traditional sleds rely on brute force to push it across the floors or grass, often damaging surfaces. Our training sled with wheels was designed to be highly portable, easy to set up, gentle on your flooring, and still pack in a powerful workout. 

Training Sled with Wheels

How Does a Training Sled with Wheels Work?

Traditional training sleds were often used by athletes and fitness pros looking for a hardcore workout. However, those sleds don't work with all fitness levels without some intervention. The process is slow, cumbersome, and doesn't adjust to changing conditions like the surface of the sled or someone's athletic performance that day. The only way to adjust the difficulty of the sled was to add or take off weight plates. 

Our XPO Trainers work differently. We developed our training sled with wheels to use an eXPOnential resistance curve. When someone pushes harder, the sled responds and is harder to move. However, a true beginner can also use the sled and see results. The lighter you push and less momentum applied, the easier it is to move our training sled with wheels. You can add weights to our sleds to improve traction, however, they do not impact the difficulty of the workout.

It's also nearly impossible to get stuck in a workout plateau with our training sled with wheels. The more strength and endurance you gain, the harder you can push, and the more more challenging the sled is to use. 

XPO Trainers Challenges Clients

Our training sled with wheels can be used at home, but they're also ideal for gyms and personal trainers. Instead of relying on different equipment and machines, a single sled can pack in the results and simplify the process. 

The XPO Trainers are a good way to create fitness challenges and boot camps for gyms. They can be used in a group setting or individually to break personal best records and reach new goals. The Armored Fitness training sled with wheels is also mobile so you can easily take it outdoors and change up the environment. When you remove the handles, they can be stored out of the way as needed.

Training Sled with Wheels

Training Sled with Wheels Reviews

Get insights about our training sled with wheels directly from our customers:

"I love my sled - assembly was easy. I simply roll it out to my driveway and get to work. I'm constantly pressed for time, and the XPO allows me to get a killer training session in minimal time. The sled is extremely versatile, and I would recommend to anyone."

"I love the workout you get from the XPO Trainer - it's a great tool whether you're rehabbing an injury or training for high-level sports. It works well on all surfaces, doesn't require a big stack of plates, and is super easy to store. The construction is very solid (and cool if you're into the engineering aspects), and their customer service is exceptional! Definitely a piece of equipment the whole family can use and benefit from."

"We own a gym and decided to give our members something different to challenge themselves. It is now one of our most used pieces. It looks easy, but it's far from it. We're doing a March Madness Sled Challenge for our members and already have people signed up. I highly recommend this for everyone at all fitness levels."

Level Up Your Workout with a Training Sled with Wheels

Try our training sled with wheels to get impressive results if you want a challenging, full-body workout. Our XPO Trainers are also ideal for gyms and fitness centers. Browse our entire collection of XPO Trainers and products today.