Weight Sled for Grass

Weight Sled for Grass - Armored Fitness Weight Sled For Grass transforms your fitness business or workout goals. Unlike other exercise equipment, a weight sled can be used inside or outdoors for a full-body workout. 

A weight sled for grass easily slides across your yard, park, or outside your gym with the help of our XPO Trainer on wheels. It relies on full-body strength and momentum to work as hard as the effort you put into it. Enjoy your workout in the sun and on an open grass field. 

How Will a Weight Sled for Grass Improve My Fitness Business

When you offer more opportunities to get fit outdoors, you could improve your gym, coaching, or boot camp business and attract a bigger customer base. Studies show that 39.4% of gym members are switching to running and other outdoor activities in 2021.

Unlike other trainers, our XPO Trainer 2 gets harder to push the faster you go, and you can still get a challenging workout regardless of how much weight you add to the sled. The unique resistance curve gives you more flexibility in your fitness business. The sled can be used for amateur athletes to pros and everyone in between for full-body exercise targeting glutes, hip flexors, calves, triceps, chest, shoulders, hamstrings, core, and quads.

Our XPO Trainer is also safe to use on your driveway or garage floors without worrying about damaging your surfaces. The wheels also make our push sleds quieter more enjoyable to use at home or outdoors.

How Are XPO Trainers Different?

Beyond the unique resistance curve our XPO Trainers use, we also designed our sleds to work with or without weights. The weights add some friction but do not make the workout more challenging. Instead of loading and unloading weights, our XPO Trainers are ready for a full-body workout.

Our weight sled for grass is also highly portable and easy to store. Just remove the handles and move indoors or out. Not all sleds are designed for convenience and portability, and some are difficult to move and sit outside year-round, which can damage your equipment. The wheels we added to our XPO Trainers also make it easy to move and glide across the grass.

What Do Fitness Pros Say About Our XPO Trainers?

"The XPO Trainer (We call her Black Betty) has been a fantastic addition to my personal training toolbox. The metabolic work that my clients get with Black Betty is "Next Level". Genuinely, one of my favorite tools in the gym. It's an amazing full-body activity that combines cardiovascular work with Hypertrophy. Personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, you can't go wrong with the XPO Trainer by Armored Fitness." - The Real Fit Boss, 2021 Armored Fitness Customer

"No need to get complicated, just push into that deep, deep oxygen debt and repeat to tolerance. So yeah, this is the greatest training thingy that I have ever come across and in 40 or so years of training, I've seen more than a few." -Bruce Kocher, New Orleans

"In my experience, the XPO Trainer is the easiest way to start training an athlete on being powerful in functional sprinting and jumping positions. It matches my athletes' abilities. A 5'3" 110-pound freshman girl and a 6'2" 215-pound senior boy can use the same sled without changing any weights. It saves us lots of time and gives each athlete a customized training experience." Kurt Earl, High School Head Football Coach, Lincoln, NE

Ready to Try a Weight Sled for Grass?

Get results from your new weight sled for grass or give your clients a game-changing way to workout. They're fun, challenging, and offer a unique full-body workout. 

Ready to try one for yourself? Browse our products and the XPO Sled trainer today and transform your results.