Weight Sled Push Exercise Machine

Training sleds are highly versatile and can be used by pulling, pushing, or dragging to work on strength and endurance. However, the old-school weight sleds you see on football fields are used by athletes ready to plow through their conditioning and endurance routines. There are drawbacks to a traditional weight sled push exercise machine. They often damage flooring or grass, are challenging to use, and do not store easily. Further, they can't be used by people of various fitness levels. 

We designed our XPO Trainers to upgrade your workout on a traditional Weight Sled Push Exercise Machine. Our sleds are designed with wheels to move across almost any surface seamlessly. However, a unique eXPOnentional resistance curve means the XPO Trainer works as hard as the momentum you put into it. Kids, teenagers, pro athletes, and those with disabilities can all use our weight sled push exercise machine.

How Do You Use a Sled Push Exercise Machine?

Our XPO Trainers are made to use your own natural momentum. If you're new to using sleds, you should start in a natural walking position to get accustomed to the machine. As you grow your endurance, you can also run and sprint to build up greater strength. Depending on your goals and how much momentum you put into the workout, you should be able to feel the impact in your quads, hips, calves, core, chest, triceps, and shoulders for comprehensive training.

Do You Need to Add Weights to a Push Sled?

Traditional push sleds often need additional weights to increase the challenge of your workout. However, our XPO Trainers are different. Extra weights can add traction to a slick surface while using your sled; however, it doesn't increase the challenge of your workout. Instead, the harder you push, the harder your workout. This unique eXPOnentional curve is also the reason why people with disabilities can use our equipment. Although it's always recommended to get approval from your doctor before starting a new workout with an injury or disability, many rehabilitation clinics use our XPO Trainers with their patients.

Weight Sled Push Exercise Machine Testimonials

Learn more about our push sleds directly from our customers:

"The XPO Trainer saves us a tremendous amount of time, convenience, and annoyance. In the past, we would use our sleds/prowlers about once a month, and on more than one occasion, people have gotten hurt setting them up and putting them away. Not to mention, they were extremely loud. Over time, they also fell apart from the constant contact with the pavement. As an owner of a faculty, this makes us shy away from using traditional sleds." - Antony Graf, Owner of CrossFit Threshold in Miami, FL, and founder of the Youth Empowerment Systems YES Program"

"Instead of pushing against a static object such as a wall, or pushing against a traditional sled that can quickly slide away and lead to further injury, the XPO Trainer provides a meager rolling resistance at low speeds with an immediate and automatic increase in resistance that will provide an opportunity for the user to regain equilibrium safely. The standard sled push is what the XPO does best and is by far my top-ranked piece of equipment for the movement. Nothing is more functional than feet on the ground training your body in the real world, not simulated, athletic movements. Increase speed, acceleration, and explosive power on the surface you play on." - Travis Jones

Level Up Your Workout with an XPO Trainer

Whether you own a gym or need a powerful at-home workout, try our XPO Trainer to maximize your results. Use them to start your new fitness routine, breakthrough fitness plateaus, or challenge your clients. Browse our weight sled push exercise machine today.