Introducing the XPO Trainer!

Anyone who has ever used the XPO Sled knows what a challenge it creates in their workout.  What we didn't know going in was what a challenge it would be to produce and bring to market.

After our first production run was complete the fabricator we used came close to doubling the manufacturing cost on the quote for the next batch.  As awesome as it is, even we don't think that the first XPO Sled would be a bargain at the price we would have had to pass on to our customers.  Thus began the ultimately long and arduous process of finding a production engineer that would help us redesign and get the XPO back into production.

Several false starts later, we finally connected with a local Dallas company that has experience in everything from aftermarket parts for off-road vehicles to amusement park rides, and even (would you believe it?) exercise equipment!  They specialize in industrial strength steel fabrications, and have the in-house ability to laser cut, bend, and weld all types of metal.  Score!

We quickly realized in our early meetings with them that our original XPO design wasn't optimal for production, and we wanted to respond to the great feedback we had received from our loyal customers anyway, so we embarked on a total redesign. We've been through several iterations, and at this point the XPO Trainer (new name to distinguish from the original) has only a few things in common with the XPO Sled: It has three wheels, it has handles, and it is revolutionary.

  • Harder than the original to push?  Like MUCH harder?  Check!
  • Easier than the original to push?  Check!
  • (How can that be?  Adjustable resistance settings?  Check!)
  • Integrated pulling attach point?  Check!
  • Plus several other benefits that will become obvious as we get closer to final release.

Imagine one device that will challenge the toughest of athletes.  The big bulldog who wants to give it all he's got and still take a minute or more to go 100m will get all he wants.  With a simple 2-second change of resistance the XPO Trainer can be handed off to a 10 year old girl who will probably cover the same 100m just as fast or faster.  No changes of weight required, just like the original, the weight is just there to give the front wheel traction!

The proof of concept, pictured here, is currently making the rounds in area gyms to get beat up on get feedback.  So far the results have been great, and we'll be making a few tweaks and having a handful of prototypes built.  Those will go back to local gyms in pairs so we can get head to head use (always best!) and finalize the design.  Once that's done, we'll go into full production and can begin filling the backlogged orders.

Trust me, we want to get it into your hands just as badly as you want to get it.  We hate the delay just as much as you, but in this case I can assure you the wait will have been worth it!  Are you the kind of person who's happy to wait a little if it means getting the very best?  If so, you won't be disappointed!

Be looking for our next update when the prototypes are being tested, and we'll share some videos of the XPO Trainer being used at its different resistance settings.