Milestone Reached!

After more than a year of experimentation with different designs and details of the XPO Sled, our first production run is finally moving ahead.  Our fabricator delivered the first 100 XPO Sled frames to the powder coater just last week, and we now have the powder coated frames ready for assembly.  Finally, a sled that I didn't have to weld!  

We put together the first six yesterday for a trip to Northern California for the NorCal Masters Competition & Expo and are excited to show the public.  The patents are still pending, but we are full steam ahead on production!  

Yes, this means we will finally be making good on our promise of additional sleds to Kelly Starrett at San Francisco CrossFit, as well as finally getting it in the hands of our friends Dallas and Melissa Hartwig at Whole9, and Mark Bell at Super Training Gym.

As soon as we get back from California, we'll be assembling the remainder of this run, and look forward to the next run.  Once you've done something, then you know how to do it, so the next set of XPO Sleds should come together even more smoothly.  

If you're anywhere near San Francisco this weekend, come see us at the NorCal Masters Competition & Expo and take on the XPO Sled.  I love seeing the smile when people "get it" and realize it really does suck the wind out of you!