Armored Fitness XPO Trainer - Playing with Handle Positioning

Work continues on the next generation of the XPO Trainer, and today we played with handle positions.  The current handle position is nearly ideal for an intense workout because a forward body lean is naturally required.  As a result, the feet remain well behind the XPO frame at all times.

At lower intensities the athlete assumes a more upright body angle and this can place the foot at the front of the stride very close to the rear tube of the XPO.  Most athletes adjust to keep the foot close to the ground and place it underneath the frame of the XPO, but this is a compromise.

We’ve mainly seen this when using the XPO at a slow pace for a good warmup, but it is also seen in individuals with injuries or disabilities.  We have had several people with back injuries, leg injuries, and even partial paralysis use the XPO for training and rehab, and we wanted to take a look at how we could improve their experience.

So we are playing with some handle positions to find one that works better for an upright body position while still working just as well for high output pushing.  Below are some pictures of our quick and dirty approach to positioning the handles behind the main frame.  Thanks to Fabtech of Rockwall, TX for knocking out some waterjet cut parts to make this even easier to experiment with!

New handle position on XPO Trainer

We’ve seen many applications of the XPO for rehab, so much so that we jokingly called it a “Power-Walker” many times.  Joking aside, it is truly an excellent way to get a workout on your feet even if you have a hard time walking unassisted.  We’re confident a new handle position is going to make the next generation even better for these purposes and make a better product overall.